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The Good Lovelies forced to be more focussed living all over Canada

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Toronto based trio the Good Lovelies make a long awaited visit back to Lethbridge as they open the Geomatic Attic's Season with Royal Wood at the Southminster United Church, Sept. 8.

 While they are based out of Toronto,  the three members are scattered at opposite ends of the country.The Good Lovelies return to Lethbridge this week o to open the Geomatic Attic's season, Sept. 8. Photo by Richard Amery
“ It forces us to be more focussed,” said Kerri Ough, who lives in Newfoundland with her husband, while Sue Passmore flies in from Victoria  and Caroline Brooks lives in Toronto.

“It forces us  to be a better business. We have to look  a year and 18 months in advance. And we have a real respect for time,” she said.
 “ I  prefer longer tours, because I only have to fly in once,” Ough continued, taking a break from recording  the new Good Lovelies studio album.

“The only problem is we can’t do pick up gigs which I love and I hate. A few years ago we promised we’d take a month off, but we got four gigs and they were good paying. But we promised each other we'd take a month off. And Caroline has a baby now, so she’d like to know when we’re on or off,” Ough added.

 “So now we fly in, rehearse and do some sleepovers and catch up for about a week before going on tour,” said Ough, in the middle of recording a new  studio album, they expect to release next year.

“So we’re recording with the band and we’re recording  with this band of misfits,” she said a in addition to the trio, they are also recording with the same band who appears on their previous  two albums.

“ We‘ve been lucky  to have them on the past two albums, so it’s a dream come true,” she continued.
“ Everybody is playing well and to tell the truth, I’m very excited about it,” she said.


 As usual each  of the three ladies submits songs for a new project.
“I think people will appreciate it. That way we have three different styles of songs. It’s funny, I’m usually the one who has the upbeat, fun party songs. This time my three songs are more sombre,” she said.

 “ I was writing more about topics like being estranged from my fiance and being away from my family,” she continued.

 Ough  has been enjoying living in Newfoundland for the past year.

“There's lots of music and really great people.  And I’m only 20 minutes away from Signal Hill,” she said.
“I feel like a real Newfoundlander because I was there for the winter and survived it. I had to fly in and out of that,” she said.
 She  noted the  band are excited to return to Lethbridge with Royal Wood, who they haven’t played with very often.

“We haven’t done a big tour with him, though  we’ve seen him at  Cameron House. But we share a bass player,” she said.
“ I think it’s going to be a good time.”

She noted they will be playing  songs from most of their albums plus some brand new ones they are currently recording.
Tickets for the show, which starts at 8 p.m. sharp, cost  $37.50 at Southminster United Church, Monday, Sept. 8.

By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

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