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Biblical excited to experiment for Love and Records

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Toronto rock band  Biblical are excited about coming to Lethbridge for the first time to play CKXU's Love and Records 2014 on Sept. 13.
They have had a great summer so far.

“It’s been great. We just played Heavy Montreal. It was over the top. They had Metallica and Biblical makes their first visit to Lethbridge, Sept. 13. Photo by Nic PouliotAnthrax, just all kinds of bands,” enthused Biblical bassist Nick Sewell.

“ We  were only on a side stage. I was actually doing press so I didn’t get to meet anyone. The other guys in the band were hanging out in the artist lounge. I think they met Metallica. I don’t know who.” he said.

“ There were like 40,000 people there and another 30,000 people showed up the next day to hear Slayer.”

Biblical has been together for four years.
“I’ve never played  Lethbridge before. But I was in a band called the Illuminati and we came to Alberta a lot,” he said.

 He noted the band like to experiment and jam on their songs.
“ We’re not really a jam band. We’re a rock band that likes to jam,” said Sewell.
“But we like to open up our songs a little  bit. Anyone who has seen us will attest to the ac that we like to open up. The guitar players play solos whenever they feel like it,” he said.

“ A lot of it comes from the fact we listen to a lot of different music. Especially jazz music like Miles Davis in the late ’60s,” he said adding Davis liked to experiment and went psychedelic during that era.
 They released their latest album “Monsoon Season” in March and it has a lot of jamming on it, but he said doesn’t quite capture the live feel of the band.

“We’re really proud of it. It's the best thing we’ve ever done, not that we’ve done much. But live we really like to open those songs up. When we play them live, they really take on a life of their own,” he said.
 He is excited about Love and Records.
“ I love vinyl. I love the set break you have when you have to turn over the album. It's not like a CD or a playlist. When you flip over the album, you take a breath and think about the music. Like on Led Zeppelin IV. Stairway To Heaven is the last song on the first side. It makes you really listen to the music,” he said. 

 He said he can’t choose his favourite record.
“That’s an impossible question. There's so many and it changes daily,” he said.
 He noted they plan to make an impression while playing Galt Gardens for Love and Records.

“We’ve never been there before. You can expect a lot of guitar solos and to hear a lot of jams. We’re just going to play our hearts out,” he said.

The band has completed a video for “ The Quiet Crooks” which he expects will be released in mid-September.
“It's the last song on side one,” he laughed.
“We shot it in Italy, mostly in Rome but we’re not in it. It’s a story,” he said, adding he doesn’t want to spoil the nature of the story.

— by Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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