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U of L revisits Agatha Christie classic the Mousetrap

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The University of Lethbridge is excited to present Agatha Christie’s classic whodunnit “ The Mousetrap,” Feb. 13-17 at University Theatre.
“ That’s exactly why we’re doing it— it’s a classic,” said director Dr. Shelley Scott.Cole Fetting and Colin Bluekens rehearse a scene from the Mousetrap, running at the University of Lethbridge, Feb. 13-17. Photo by Richard Amery
“ And it’s a contrast from the more experimental and avant-garde theatre that we have done in the past,” she continued.

“We’ve tried to respect Agatha Christie’s work. Each of these characters have their own unique stories,” she noted.

“ It’s a classic whodunnit where you try to guess who the murderer is,” she continued.

 She noted her cast has gone beyond and above the call of duty.
“We‘ve got a couple of actors who have never been involved in a main-stage theatre production and others who are veterans. They are all a very dedicated  and committed cast. They’ve spent a lot of time outside of rehearsals working with each other. And Cole (Fetting) has to do an Italian accent, so he‘s been working with Doug MacArthur as a dialogue coach,” she said.

The cast includes some familiar faces including Cole Fetting who has been involved in numerous community theatre productions as well as university productions including “Nothing left to Burn” last year.
“Playgoers of Lethbridge did the Mousetrap eight years ago and I was assistant stage manager for it,” observed Cole Fetting, who plays Paravicini.

“ So as soon as I learned the university was going to do it, I knew I had to be involved with it,” Fetting enthused.
 Colin Bluekens, who starred in the Boys Own Jedi Handbook last year and will be in Hatrix Theatre’s May production of A Comedy of Tenors,” is excited to platy Detective Sergeant Trotter.


Cole Fetting rehearses a scene from the Mousetrap, running at the University of Lethbridge, Feb. 13-17. Photo by Richard Amery
“The Mousetrap is a very character driven. The cast have really embraced the essence of their characters and keep it in mind when playing off the others,’” Bluekens observed.

“There’s seven or eight different characters and they all have very distinct personalities,” Bluekens continued, adding after he was cast he started reading as much Agatha Christie as he could to get the feel for her characters.

“She really knows how to keep the audience guessing. They won’t be able to figure out whodunnit as Agatha Christie says,” Fetting promised.
“ It’s a very different play that what the university usually does, so it has been a very interesting acting experience and a valuable learning experience,” Bluekens said.

Fetting has found working with a fat suit to be particularly challenging.
“It’s definitely a challenge playing  a completely different body type but I’ve got familiar with it. It starting to feel like home,” Fetting said.

He is enjoying playing Mr. Paravicini.
“He arrives when his car gets stuck in a snowstorm,” he observed, noting he is one of many suspects after the murder takes place.
“Trotter is a policeman and a serious investigator. He expects respect from everyone and doesn’t take flak from anyone,” Bluekens described his character.

“ I just hope people will come and enjoy a really good whodunnit and experience a night at the theatre,” Scott said.
The Mousetrap runs at University theatre at 7:30 each night, Feb. 13-17.
 Tickets are available at or by calling 403-329-2616.

 A version of this story appears in the Feb.14, 2018 edition of the Lethbridge Sun Times/Shopper
— by Richard Amery, L.a. Beat Editor
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