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New video examines Robert Bechtel’s “Studium” exhibit at Trianon Art Gallery

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The multi-talented, multi-disciplinary artist Nick Bohle has killed two bird with one stone, so to speak by filming a new video with local artist Robert Bechtel and helping out the Lethbridge Soup Kitchen.

Nick Bohle performing with Dead Army. Photo by Richard Amery
Bohle, who wears many hats including actor, film maker as well as a solo musician and guitarist for local hard rock band Dead Army, just released his video last week.
The video, under Bohle’s company name Hat Chap Productions, is about Bechtel’s exhibit ‘Studium’ which now has an extended run until July 31 at the Trianon Art Gallery thanks to Covid 19.

“I was walking in the coulee after work  on the west side between the wetlands and the dike and ran into John Savill (owner of the Trianon). It’s a nice place to walk. And we got to talking. I’ve known John for a long time because his son and my younger brother went to school together. And he told me about the new exhibit, which nobody could see because of Covid 19. So the idea of a making a documentary about the came up,”  Bohle related, noting he filmed it in between a lot of other projects including a new solo single due out in August and auditioning for acting jobs.

“I composed the music  for the  video too. it was a challenge to create the right mood for the exhibit. I didn't get it finished until  two weeks after the video was finished,” he said. adding he  only had a passing knowledge of Bechtel’s work before the video.

“I always liked art. I studied it in school. I’d heard of Rob and  walked by his works at Casa, but I didn’t really know him. He is an exceptional artist. He has a very Van Gogh painterly style,” he said adding Bechtel has an impressive body of work.

“There’s 200 pieces in this exhibit all from the past two years. He paints about a painting a day. And he graduated from the University of Lethbridge in 1995 and has painted steadily since then for about 25 years,” he enthused, adding he was glad to support Bechtel with the video.

“I’d love to be able to expose these artists’s work through another medium to give people an opportunity to see their work, especially now,” Bohle continued.
“ Though it’s best to go see art in person, because it  is challenging to film art  properly with lighting,” Bohle said, adding people who want to see the exhibit in person can contact John Savill, whose contact information is at the end of the video, to set up a time.

He enjoyed working with Bechtel and Savill.
“We set up a time to meet in the space. Robert is so humble and serene and so chill. He has a really beautiful attitude. And he paints a lot
Half of all sales for the art in the exhibit will be donated to the Lethbridge Soup Kitchen.
“John has always been a big supporter of the Lethbridge Soup Kitchen. He appreciates the volunteers. They have professionals who come in and cook meals there. So he appreciates that, Bohle said.

“So you really can kill two birds with one stone. You can support a local artist and support the Lethbridge Soup Kitchen,” he said, adding he’d like  to do other videos with other artists.

“John has expressed interest in doing that, but nothing has been set yet,” Bohle said.
You can see the video on Bohle’s Hat Chap production Youtube channel.
 So far there have been over 200 views.

— by Richard Amery,L.A. Beat Editor

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