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University of Lethbridge ready to bring the laughs with Dracula: A Comedy of Terrors

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The past couple years have been scary and depressing, so the time is right for some laughter.Quinn Larder is part of Dracula: A Comedy of terrors, oct. 5-9 in University Theatre. Photo by Richard Amery


The University of Lethbridge will provide those much need laughs as they get into the Halloween spirit a few weeks early with Dracula : A Comedy of Terrors, running in University Theatre, Oct. 5-9.

The one act play, penned by Gordon Greenberg and Steve Rosen is a comedic take on Bram Stoker’s Dracula.


“It’s very meta,” described Quinn Larder, who plays Dracula and actor number 4.

 The show is set up like a radio play featuring five actors, two folio/ sound effects performers and pianist/ composer Kathy Zaborsky, who also double as part of the cast. All of the actors play multiple characters.


“ The source material is Dracula, but it’s very funny. The actors know it’s a show,” Larder continued.

“We’re a theatre troupe hoping to put on  a production of Dracula,” added  Lilliana Gaggero, who plays Lucy, Driver and one of the actors.

“It’s been exciting watching everything come together with the music, folio and actors. There’s lots of physical comedy,” she continued, adding she has enjoyed playing three different characters in the play.


“They all have different characteristics, physical attributes and accents to tell them apart. The driver is all hunched over from driving all day.  It’s been a really fun exercise” she said.


Larder is excited to be part of Dracula: A Comedy of Terrors.

“We did Dracula in high school. But it was more serious and I was too shy to audition. So I’m excited to be on stage in a comedy,” laughed Larder, a fourth year student who has been in several  University of Lethbridge productions.

 Gaggero is excited to be in her first U of L play.

“I’m in my third year and I haven’t auditioned for anything. I’m excited to be in something that is so funny,” she said.


“The past two years have been difficult with Covid and lockdowns, so people really need a laugh now. It’s not all doom and gloom,” Larder said.


 The cast have been rehearsing for the play since Sept. 1

“It’s hard to believe it’s been that short of a time,” Gaggero said.Lilliana Gaggero is part of Dracula: A Comedy of Terrors, oct. 5-9 in University Theatre. Photo by Richard Amery

They have both enjoyed working with Kathy Zaborsky, who is doing double duty this week as she is also directing Theatre Outré’s sold out production of 333.

“She’s a delight to work with,” Larder said.

“She’s a genius,” Gaggero added, encouraging people to attend the show.


Seating will be socially distanced. Cohorts will be seated together.

Every other row will be left vacant and there will be seats left vacant in between cohorts.

 Patron will have to show proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test with from the previous 72 hours to  the day you attend. Patrons will also have to wear masks throughout the 95 minute one act play.


“Expect to laugh. Just come and enjoy the show,” Larder advised.


Director Nicola  Elson, coming off of a successful summer run of Hootenanny, is excited to direct her first University of Lethbridge production.


“The weather was ideal to do an outdoor production this summer. I’m excited to put on a play inside in the theatre,” she said, adding safety is priority for the cast, crew and audience members.

Dracula: A Comedy of Terrors is set up like a radio show as it is for the hit Broadway show.

“People need to laugh after almost two years of the pandemic. But we weren’t sure how health restrictions would affect us, so we decided to do this show as a radio play. Worst case scenario we could do it online or just as an audio play,” Elson said adding the actors each have their own microphones, trunks and props so they can socially distance on stage.


“It’s based on Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It’s meta, but in a tongue in cheek, silly kind of way. The actors know they’re part of a play. But it’s not meta in an existential sense as in ‘what are we doing here,’” Elson said, adding there is a lot of humour, a lot of physical comedy and a lot of props for the actors to perform with.


There is also live sound effects folio.

“It’s just like it was on old time radio shows. We thought it would be fun for the audience to see people making the sound effects live on stage,” Elson continued, adding it is suitable for ages six and up.

“It’s a little racy, but in a Three’s Company kind of way,” she said.


The play happens at 7:30 p.m. each night, Oct. 5-9 in University Theatre.

Tickets are available online

$18 regular; $15 Seniors and alumni; $12 Students

University of Lethbridge Students  receive one free complimentary ticket for this show. Present your ID at our box office window to reserve your free seat.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

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