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New West Theatre reignites the passion in ‘Sexy Laundry’

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What happens when the flames start to flicker  on a long time relationship?


Jeff Carlson and Erica Hunt rehearse Sexy Laundry. Photo by Richard Amery

 New West Theatre explores that in their presentation of  Michele Riml’s “ Sexy Laundry,” running at the Yates Theatre, Feb. 16-26.


 The comedy, about a couple trying to reignite the flames of their relationship brings two old friends together, Erica Hunt and Jeff Carlson.


 While Hunt is a regular on New West stages, Carlson was prompted back on stage after a long hiatus after reading the script.


“I read the description of the play that Kelly (Reay, director) put out. And thought ‘This is me’ It’s not often I get to try something that is a little more risqué,’” said Jeff Carlson, who plays Henry Lane.


“It just spoke to me. Being in a long term relationship for 27 going on 28 years, every line in this script is something me or my partner has said,” Carlson continued.

“It’s exactly that— about a couple trying to reignite their relationship. They’ve been together for 25 years and they got a book called  ‘Sex for Dummies’ to reignite that spark,” added Hunt, who plays Alice Lane, noting  Henry isn’t as into it.


“ But he’s trying the best he can,” Carlson added. 


“Usually I didn’t get to see a script that pushes boundaries like this one,” Carlson said.


“ It definitely has mature themes and bad  language. It’s for 16 and up. There’s no nudity in it,” Hunt said.


“Though we tried,” Carlson laughed.

“There will be a lot of wives nudging their husbands,” Hunt said.


“ But probably not a lot of husbands nudging their wives,” Carlson chuckled.

Carlson and Hunt have their own long-tern relationship, as they were both involved in forming the precursor to New West Theatre close to 30 years ago.

 They have been rehearsing  “Sexy Laundry” for almost two weeks.

“ Knowing Erica already has helped a lot. We’re very familiar with each other. Usually you spend the first week of rehearsals getting to know the other cast members. But I already know everything about Erica. And I know what I can try on stage. And if she doesn't’t want to do it, she’ll tell me,” Carlson said.


Jeff Carlson and Erica Hunt rehearse Sexy Laundry. Photo by Richard Amery

Hunt and Carlson usually work together on their  LSCO and Nord Bridge Senior’s centre fundraiser, “New Old Favourites,” but it isn’t the same as acting in a play together.


“We have to  work around everybody’s schedule for about four months and rehearse in Erica’s living room, and we usually only get 40 hours of rehearsal in fo it,” Carlson said, adding  once again, due to Covid, that  fundraiser won’t be happening again this year.


 They are excited to bring “ Sexy Laundry” to the stage.

“It’s very funny,” Hunt said.


“ A lot of couples will see themselves in Henry and Alice,” Carlson said.

 “Sexy Laundry” runs at the Yates Theatre Feb. 12-26 at 7:30 p.,m.  each night.

 Tickets are available  by phone at 403-329 SEAT (7328) or online


Adult $36 + $3 Ticket Service Fee = $39.

Senior $30 + $3 Ticket Service Fee = $33.
Student $30 + $3 Ticket Service Fee = $33.

Child $20 + $3 Ticket Service Fee = $23. 


— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

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