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Denim Daddies to celebrate new album by playing Shaela Miller’s album release party at Owl Acoustic Lounge

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Edmonton country rock band the  Denim Daddies are excited , not only about releasing their new album “Northern Goods”  today, March 20, but about returning to Lethbridge to play Shaela Miller’s “After the Masquerade” album release party, Saturday, March 23 at the Owl Acoustic Lounge with Carter Felker.

 “It’s always busy down there when Shaela Miller’s cooking up a new album, I’ll bet,” said Denim Daddies bassist/ vocalist Kurtis Cockerill. The Denim Daddies have played with Shaela Miller a couple of times including fo her Windy City Opry concert series.

The Denim Daddies play the Owl Acoustic lounge, March 23. Photo by Kiefer Layne Hagen

“We did the opry a couple years ago and we played a crazy house party in Saskatoon with her in probably 2018. That was  really fun. She’s a friend of ours and we’re stoked to be on that bill,” Cockerill continued.

Calgary’s Carter Felker will be opening  the show with a solo set with the Denim Daddies on second and Shaela Miller closing off the night.

“He (Carter Felker) is one of our favourite folk artists,” he said.

 Cockerill is excited to release the new album ‘Northern Goods” which features more prominent steel guitar.

“Yeah, big time, the steel guitar is on every track except one. Booker (Diduck)’s really becoming a monster . He’s  gotten really good over the past couple years. He’s all over it.”

The Denim Daddies also feature  guitarist/ singer Andrew Brostrom, pedal steel /guitarist  Booker Diduck, drummer/vocalist/ guitarist Matt  King and Pianist/ organist Sahil Chugh.


 The album comes out Wednesday, March 20. They have released a couple singles from it including “Living on the Road” and “Seems To Me” are out on all streaming services.

“The records have come in so last night we did a fun little record listening party at Bent Stick Brewing in Edmonton last night ( March 13), And they actually brewed a beer of the same title. The album’s called Northern Goods  and we were crushing a lager all night of the same title and it was a great time,” he continued.


The album also features a cover of “Grandpa was a Carpenter,” a song by one of  the bands idols  John Prine.


“He means a lot. I think the first time I heard John Prine was, like, hearing his voice sealed it for me that I thought  that could actually sing and write my own songs. He’s a massive inspiration to us . Since we started the band we’ve always done at least one of his songs  per set. So usually we’re doing a couple of John Prines a night. That one really came together with our own flavour— up tempo , lots of harmonies. He’s a great guy. We all miss him. I never got to see him live. During Covid I lost my grandpa only a couple of weeks after we lost John Prine and it kind of felt like I lost two grandpas. It was a tough time but I got through it  And we’re really excited to have that song on the record,” he said, adding they chose that song  because they put their own stamp on it.

“It was more just how it came together. It wasn’t just like we were going through the motions , covering the song . We kind of made it our own with that fancy little  pedal steel intro and the tempo and harmonies. We felt like we were putting our own stamp on the tune,” he said.

 They also added a song about Cockerill’s grandpa,  relating a few of the stories he told Cockerill.

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Shaela Miller’s album release and a lot more this week

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Shaela Miller releases her latest album “After the masquerade” this week with two sold out  release parties  at The Slice on March 22 and at the Owl Acoustic Lounge with Carter Felker and the Edmonton country rock band  Denim Daddies.


The Bamboo Guppies play Casino Lethbridge this weekend. Photo by Richard Amery

 She is also playing an all ages gig at the Owl Acoustic Lounge, Saturday afternoon with Eilish Lazenby.

 But first Paul Holden and James Oldenburg return to the Watertower Grill on Wednesday to play some jazz music from 6-8 p.m.

 Aaron Phelan from New Autumn hosts the Slice’s open mic on Wednesday.


 Also Wednesday, Theatre Outré returns to the Owl Acoustic Lounge.  The show features Fawns at 8 p.m., Clover Overboard at 9 p.m. and Crown The Jester closing off the night at 10 p.m. Admission is by donation.


Gabe Thaine hosts  the weekly jam for hunger at Theoretically Brewing, Thursday, March 20.

 Theatre Outré returns to the Owl Acoustic lounge on Wednesday, March 20. 


The Slice will rock on a Thursday night  as they welcome Calgary  band Vogue Villains on Thursday with local  support from 4BPM and Alec Arms.

 Vogue Villains are supporting their  new album “Built on Bones.”

 Tickets are $10 in advance, $15 at the door.

 Daylan Delaney hosts Honkers Pub open mic on Friday, March 22.


Mike Murchison  and guests play a free show at Central Church of Christ, March 24 at  7p.m.

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Steve Foord returns to Slice stage

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Steve Foord stepped  up to fill a musical void at the Slice, March 9 after the Time Bandits had to cancel due to a medical issue.


 I haven’t seen him perform  for a while, so was pleased to  catch his second set for an intimate audience, though a few more people trickled over from the Owl after Brass Camel’s incendiary set.



Steve Foord playing the Slice, March 9. Photo by Richard Amery

Things were a lot mellower and  a lot more spooky at the Slice.


 Foord opened up by strumming  his mandolin and howling the lyrics into two mics, an ordinary one and another for more distortion and extra spooky sounds.


 As usual he put on his usual set of captivating alternative folk music with lots of howls and  bellows and some  wicked playing/. 


 He alternated between banjo, guitar and mandolin playing an all originals set except for his cover of Bob Dylan’s “Masters of War,”which ended his show.

— By Richard amery, L.A. beat Editor

Last Updated ( Saturday, 16 March 2024 10:52 )

Brass Camel play big show of new progressive rock at Owl

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As usual Vancouver based progressive rock quintet Brass Camel brought the ’70s back to the Owl Acoustic lounge, Saturday, March 9 in all  the glory of polyester and a wall of sound powered by layers of duelling double neck Gibson, big riffed, harmonized solos for an almost full house.

Brass Camel playing the Owl Acoustic Lounge, March 9. Photo by Richard Amery


 Brass Camel played a prog rock party ’70s style as they played an incendiary set of hot licks and big riffs.


 The band, dressed in their ’70s finest  brought back that old progressive rock pomp and spirit for their set. They played some of the  music from their debut album, and shared a few new songs from  their next one which they plan to  record after this tour.

 They channelled a little bit of Led Zeppelin and their vocals were along the lines of  modern Zeppelin throwbacks like Greta Van Fleet.


“ Easy” was easily one of the best of the night from their debut album,” as was “If I Was King For A Day,” which brought out their inner Queen.

Daniel Sveinson traded solos with Dylan  Lammie, effortlessly harmonizing with each other and tossing in the occasional two handed tapping break.


 Everybody got to solo.

The band left the stage while bassist Curtis Arsenault locked in with drummer Wyatt Gilson  especially during their solo spots.


After that, keyboardist Aubrey Ellesson stepped out from behind his bank of keyboards to  knock out a keytar solo, which they followed up with a hot new track called  “ On the Other Side.”

 They added  another new song “Long Way to Go,” showing off more top shelf musicianship before returning to their debut  for “ I’ve Got the Fox.”

 They were called back for an encore of Supertramp’s “Bloody Well Right.”

I missed the Decadent Phase’s opening set.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

Last Updated ( Saturday, 16 March 2024 10:24 )

Skid Row and Buckcherry bring sleazy rock and roll to the Enmax centre

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The gang was all here at the Enmax Centre, March 12 for an evening of upbeat, dirty, sleazy, sexually charged ’90s/ 2000s  rock and roll courtesy of Los Angeles’ Buckcherry and an injection of up tempo 80s rock  courtesy of Skid Row.

 The  Enmax was about half full for the show, which had been resceduled from Oct. 16.

 I missed the opening set by Sierra Pilot, but was just in time to catch Buckcherry.

Skid Row playing the Enmax Centre, March 12. Photo by Richard Amery

 I’ve seen them three times in Lethbridge on much smaller stages.

 They always know how to bring the party,  they had pretty much all taken off their shirts to reveal all their tattoos by the third song.

 This time had a massive, though stripped down stage to scamper across and howl out into the audience.

 They played plenty of hits replete with greasy blues based Aerosmith style riffs and gang vocals.

 They opened with “ Lit Up,” and explored plenty of their back catalogue like “Time Bomb” as well as a few new songs from  their latest albums “Vol. 10”  including “ Let’s Get Wild” as well as “So Hott” and  “Hellbound,” the title track from that album 

They wound down with their mellower hit “ Sorry.”

 They wound up their set with  their best known song “ Crazy Bitch,” which everybody was waiting for.

 I’d never seen  Skid Row before, but was impressed with the show from the New Jersey born band, which includes original members  guitarists Snake Saboand Scotti Hill, bassist Rachel Bolan plus drummer Rob Hammersmith

Their new singer Erik Grönwall had impressive set of pipes which easily allowed him to hit  the high notes of original singer Sebastian Bach.

 He had a lot of energy bouncing all over the stage screaming into his mic.

 They started off with a few older songs including  “ Slave To The Grind,” and their first big hit “18 And life,” but  got into some new music  from their latest album and tour namesake “The Gang’s All Here.”

The new music fit in perfectly with the old material. They  had plenty of snarling riffs, some hot solos and the occasional  harmonized solo plus lots of gang vocals.

Grönwall took a brief break as bassist Rachel  Bolan belted out a solid  cover of the Ramones “ Psycho Therapy,” showing off his love for early punk rock.

Their other big power ballad “ I Remember You,” a came in mid set.[

 They wound up their show with “ The Gang’s All Here” and one of  their  biggest hits “ Youth Gone Wild.” before calling it a night without playing an encore.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

Last Updated ( Friday, 15 March 2024 17:05 )
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