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The Buzz Column, April 15

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First things first before telling you about another excellent week in local music, as most of you know by now, I was laid off by the Herald last week, I don't bear any ill will, It was just business - nothing personal and I wasn't alone. Which makes it all the more important to look at the positive things in a life which can be at times miserable and depressing — positive things including the music being made by talented people. So as long as I am able I will be covering the local music scene the same as always in the Buzz which is now officially a freelance gig.

Because that's always and always will be what it is all about — supporting the cats who are out there doing it. I love doing it , I'd like to thank you all for your kindness and support. Music is part of who I am. I love meeting and listening to musicians because I love the passion and excitement they put into their performances and the craft they put into their music.

That being said, If you have a show coming up and want to let people know about the where and whens of it, then let me know by e-mailing me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it at least a week before the event as my deadline is Sundays.

Joys have excitement to spare

There was excitement to spare this week, beginning with the Joys at the Slice, April 8.

They started late, just after 11 p.m. with an incendiary set of original classic rock sounding like Aerosmith meeting Darby Mills and the Headpins in a head on bus crash, with Melissa Etheridge performing CPR on the victims.

Frontwoman Sarah Smith grinned ear-to-ear throughout the London band's energetic set, She was bounding all over the stage, brown hair flying everywhere as if she couldn't be happier anywhere else rather than right there playing for about 15 enthusiastic fans.

It was a great show which included most of their new CD, “Unfold” including their new radio single “Storm.”

On April 9, I went to Henotic for the Necessities and the United Steelworkers of Montreal. But was only able to stay for guitarist/vocalist Steve Foord, vocalist/percussionist Tom Woodman and guitarist/drummer Devon Gergel, aka the Necessities. They displayed impressive musicianship, some excellent harmonies and a lot of heart-felt lyrics during an all-original set which had a John Mayer feel as well as classical music inclinations.

Treeline and New Weather Machine outstanding

On April 10, I hit a couple gigs beginning with a sparsely attended open mic at the Wolf's Den.

I arrived in time for Bill Letouzel's set which was mostly music and not as much chat between songs as usual.

After that, Leon Barr gave a brief preview of his opening set for Tim Williams' May 23 show.

He played some energetic fingerpicked blues and folk including “Sunshine Alley Rag” which included both a kazoo and harmonica solo, then launched into some impressively jazzy fingerpicking for “Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out.” He ended his set with Neil Young's “After the Gold Rush.”

I left during Cathy Hawley's excellent set to hit the Treeline and New Weather Machine show at the Slice.

Treeline's sound continues evolving. This time they had a real new wave feel thanks to the addition of keyboards, which were incorporated into their usual reggae/blues/rock sound which also added quite a bit of psychedelia, in part due to a smoke machine and trippy coloured lights flashing on the white cloth stage backdrop.

Afterwards, I had to see Jon Martin's New Weather Machine Perform. Martin's band including consummate pros Brad Brouwer on drums, bassist Paul Holden and Treeline's Taylor Ackerman on lead guitar, proving he can play just about any style of music. The tight band made Martin's '70s style Mott The Hoople meets David Bowie music shine. He played my favourite, “ That's What You Get For Falling in Love” and left because I wanted to see Los Angeles hair metal band Dirty Penny play at the Blarney Stone and was shocked to see them winding up their set just before midnight. They had the poofy hair and spandex look down pat. It's been a while since I've seen a Lethbridge club show end before midnight.

That wasn't the case at the Slice on April 11 where at least 70 people were on hand to check out a newish classic rock/ punk trio called Vinyl Static. They definitely have a lot of potential.

Fifteen Famous Minutes was the main event. Featuring guitarist/ singer Randy Shaver, drummer Stan Hartman, bassist Dan Espelien played their usual energetic and fun-filled set. They introduced their new keyboardist Chris who added a whole new dimension to the band's ‘90s rock sound with organ and piano sounds as well as guitar on a couple tracks

Coming up

It's a fairly slow week, relatively speaking, coming up. I just learned Average Joes downtown will be bringing in classic rockers Toronto. They had a string of ‘80s hits including “Your Daddy Don't Know”

Mother, Mother and Said the Whale hit Henotic on April 16, which should be a lot of fun for people who like ambient original rock music. And Karen Romanchuk officially releases her new CD “Shine” on April 18 at the Mocha Cabana. It has an excellent country/folk sound with superb songwriting. Also on April 18, the Shaela Miller Threesome play the Front Row Pub for what is sure to be an excellent show. If you like rap, DJ Booda promotions is bringing rapper Classified along with J-Bru, Mic Boyd and DJ IV to the Blarney Stone on May 1. Classified is known for his hit single “Anybody Listening.”



April 11

Mocha Cabana— Dan Reeder

Slice — Jessica Beach

Henotic—Nix Dixons

Lethbridge Casino— Al Barrett Band

Slice— Fifteen Famous Minutes & Vinyl Static

April 12

1010— open mic

April 13

Average Joes — Holly Wood and Toronto

 April 14

Slice— Jazz Jam with David Renter

April 15

Mojoes — Mahoney

Henotic— open mic

April 16

Slice— Madcaps

Henotic— Mother Mother with Said the Whale

Shark Club— Mahoney

April 17

Henotic (CGBC Lounge) — Porter Hall, Miesha and the Spanks, Endangered Ape

Mocha Cabana — Rhythms By Rita

Hollywood Bowl HB Lounge— Fast Times

Lethbridge Casino—Basically Billy Joel

Lethbridge Legion— Randy Hillman

April 18

Lethbridge Casino— Basically Billy Joel

Slice— Deep Dark Woods

Mocha Cabana — Karen Romanchuk cd release party

Front Row Pub— Shaela Miller Threesome

Hollywood Bowl HB Lounge— Fast Times

Lethbridge Legion— Randy Hillman

April 19

Slice— Blind Mule and Kirby

1010— open mic


April 20

Slice— Adam’s Rib

April 21

SLice— Jam night with Treeline

April 22

Slice — Megan Rourke and Ali Free Earth Day

Mojoes — Mahoney

April 23

Shark Club— Mahoney

Slice— Dead Rockstar party with Lustre Creame and the Dirti Speshuls

 April 24

 Slice—Luther Wright and the Wrongs

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Listings April 25-May31

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May 2

Wolf’s Den— Glen Coulee with Karen Romanchuk and James Oldenburg
Henotic — Kabuki Guns Burlesque Dancers with the Dirty Girl Social Club
Slice— Treeline with Manyraygun
Mocha Cabana— Herb Hicks Jazz Quartet
Lethbridge Legion— Phil Wayne
Casino Lethbridge — Who's Yer Daddy

May 3
1010— open mic
Slice — Gunsmoke with the Phantom Creeps
May 4
Slice— The Dunes
Lethbridge Symphony Association Bridge to Fini
(403)328-6808 8p.m., Southminster United Church
St. Patrick’s Fine Arts Elementary School Music Monday
(403) 327-4386 students singing enmasse
May 5
Slice— jazz jam with David Renter
May 6
Slice—Oliver Swain
Mojoes— Mahoney

Avanti Choral Association Spring Concert with guests
403.320.0117 Kate Andrews H.S. Choir & JennyEmery Elementary Choir
7:30pm, Gem of the West Museum
St. Patrick’s Fine Arts Elementary School Hosting:Cat Chat
403.327.4386 1pm
Dance Ammena Dance Company Havana Nights
403.330.9084 7pm, 517A 4 Avenue South
Lethbridge Irish Dance Academy Riverdance
403.320.1363 performing with the Lethbridge Community Band
8pm, Yates Memorial Theatre
Music Lethbridge Community Band Bridging the Arts Concert
403.328.9963 with U of L Percussion Ensemble
In Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the High Level Bridge
7pm, Yates Memorial Theatre
Leth. Registered Music Teachers Student Recital
403.327.2073 2:30pm, U of L Recital Hall
The Slice Bar & Grill Skilletlikkers
403.320.0117 9pm
May 7
Slice— Paper Moon, Darby And Joan Club
Shark Club — Mahoney


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Joomla! Security Strike Team

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The Joomla! Project has assembled a top-notch team of experts to form the new Joomla! Security Strike Team. This new team will solely focus on investigating and resolving security issues. Instead of working in relative secrecy, the JSST will have a strong public-facing presence at the Joomla! Security Center.

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