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Phonorealistes inspired by U of L art collection

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When art meets music, the result is  the Phonoréalistes, aka local ukulele wielding folk duo, the Cedar Tavern Singers.
Mary-Anne McTrowe and Daniel Wong have been playing  their unusual brand of  folk music  inspired directly by the University of Lethbridge Art Gallery and its extensive art collection since 2006.
“We don’t just write about the art gallery,” Wong said.
Dan Wong and Mary-Anne McTrowe at Henotic. Photo by Richard Amery“We also write about the Arthur Erickson  building and sculptures on campus,” McTrowe added, noting the Canadian architect who designed the university provides very inspirational  subject matter.
“And the university collection is well known across Canada, just not  as well known in Lethbridge. We just wanted to bring the people behind the scenes a little bit,” she continued adding she became interested in the collection while earning her  BFA  back in 1998. Wong earned his BFA in 2003 and shared her enthusiasm.
Canadian Artist Sorel Etrog’s  Expo ’67 attraction, Sculpture of Moses, located in the foyer of the fine arts building,  and one of the subjects of their 2009 EP “Mandate For Research,” inspired the duo.
It was built in 1967 and came to the University of Lethbridge in 1968.
“The base started to crawl and there was the danger that it could fall. In 2003 it started to shift,” McTrowe added.
The duo were asked to write a few songs about the University of Lethbridge Art Gallery.
“I wanted to learn an instrument   none of my friends were playing, so I chose the ukulele,” McTrowe said, adding the pair use a variety of non-traditional instruments like glockenspiel, tambourine and  washboard.

DID Art at the Lethbridge Centre

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Ten University of Lethbridge art students, under the advisement  of their professor, are taking their art careers into their own hands  by setting up their own show at the Lethbridge Centre Mall this week.
DID,  or distortion, intervention and disturbance, takes place Dec. 4-6 at the Lethbridge Centre next to the Blackfoot Gallery, by the Bay. The opening reception for the show is Dec. 4, from 7-9 p.m.
“It’s just a collection of our works,” said artist Arianna Richardson adding the show  was a project from professor Denton Frederickson.
“He told us  we should think about putting on a show ourselves and find the space, so we did,” she added easy.
“There is every medium— video, sculpture, paining, photographs,” she said adding all of  the artists, AJ Appel, Andrea Kowalchuk, Deanna Kerr, Jarrett Duncan, Karen Davis, Matt Stewart, Miranda Towells, Naomi Husband, Shawn Bell and Richard designed their works with the themes in mind of  distortion, intervention and disturbance.

Tiny Bill Cody to be inspired by the atrium

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There is an unusual concert happening this week in the University of Lethbridge atrium.
Hamilton based visual artist and writer Tiny Bill Cody, aka Tor Lukasik-Foss is visiting Lethbridge, Nov. 18-21, taking part in a special concert series called “Unlikely Concerts.”' The idea behind it is  “Unearth  the hidden narrative potentials of  the overlooked Maria Madacky has an exhibition at the Yates beginning this week.features of the public  landscape.”
Tiny Bill is a seven foot tall performer who incorporates  jazz, latin, country and rock and even yodeling into original music about  everything from electricity to the University of Lethbridge atrium. With that in mind, Tiny Bill is looking  for local artists,  musicians, instrumentalists and poets to help out with the performance to perform their original works inspired by the university atrium this week.
Tiny Bill Cody’s music from his four CDs  has been featured on CBC’s “GO!” program and he has performed  at numeorus festivals and galleries.
It takes place  from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. each day in the university atrium.
Participants should  just show up or e-mail Jane Edmundson at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . or calling 403-329-2161 for more information.

In other art news, check out  a unique display at the Yates gallery, where Maria Madacky has a stand alone installation piece which viewersa re invited to walk through.

— by Richard Amery, L.A Beat Editor

New art exhibits open at Bowman and Waterfield Galleries

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Go on an art walk this weekend as two new art exhibitions are officially opening, Saturday, Nov. 14.
 First of all, an exhibit named  “Reverie” is opening at the  Waterfield Gallery in the Yates Theatre. It features the work of Coaldale artist Maria Z Madacky.Maria Madacky’s ”Ornament”
 Maria works in mixed media, ink and oil, exploring  themes of spirituality and materialism.  Her website notes her most recent works are the result of  the search for  visual structures epitomizing unity and wholeness which intend  to transcend the physical sense of  seeing and move towards a mediative experience of another time and space.  Check out some of her work at
In another place, ie the Bowman Art Gallery, an exhibit featuring the work of Bob Webb also begins.
The exhibit, called “Gardens and More,” features some of Webb’s  paintings.
The opening receptions for both exhibits are  7-9 p.m., Nov. 14. Both exhibits run until Jan. 9, 2010
— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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