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Lee Palmer explores a variety of styles in great debut

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Toronto based roots and blues musician Lee Palmer has released a quirky and catchy new debut CD.
One Take Live at Canterbury, begins with the immediately appealing “Blues in Eh” (That’s a Canadian Eh,) which sets the whimsical tone for the 10 track CD.Click here to hear Lee Palmer
 They carry on with a, lilting, almost jazzy version of “House of the Rising Sun.” featuring subdued organ and  jazzy vocals by Jenn Kee who sings back up on most tracks, giving them a retro ’60s R and B Feel. It has a guitar solo reminiscent of Mark Knopfler, Wendell Ferguson supplies some sweet guitar solos.
 Throughout he has an immediately appealing voice.
“ Me and a my 68’ has a strong rockabilly feel and a hit guitar solo.
 One Take  has  funky groove and a nice guitar solo as well.
there is a lot of great grooves going on like on “Everyday Blues,” which also features subdued organ and a jazzy drum solo.
 Fleas blues is an upbeat honky tonking highlight, which even has a zydeco style accordion solo.
 “Old Dog” also has a honky tonk feel thanks to the old style piano.
 And while  they don’t quite  play like B.B on their song of that name, they  show they are entertaining and whimsical.
The CD ends on another funky note on “That’s All”
 I love the organ playing throughout all of these songs.
— By Richard Amery, L.A Beat Editor
 CD: Live at Canterbury
 Artist: Lee Palmer
 Genre: blues/ roots

Weber Brothers and Kingsway make a match in folk rock heaven

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If you miss new music from  the Weber Brothers,  Kingsway’s new CD “ The Girl Gets Away” will tide you over  until their next live show or  new CD. The Weber Brothers are an integral part of this CD's sound.Click here to hear Kingsway and the Weber Brothers

 Instead of a Kingsway CD it seems like another Weber Brothers CD. They make a perfect match. Kingsway sounds like he's playing with the Weber Brothers forever and vice versa.

Kingsway, aka Ron Coldham, recorded his fifth CD in Nanton with Steve Loree in between the Weber Brothers’ many tours.

 It retains the Weber Brothers’ vintage ’60s and early ’70s rock and roll sound, but  is on the mellower side thanks to Kingsway’s laid back vocals.

 His vocals are supplemented by waves of organ and piano plus subdued guitar, bass and drums, though the organ stands out on most of the tracks.

While the entire CD is very much reminiscent of the Band, there are some more elaborate songs chick fll of jamming like “Xmas Song” which have a psychdelic Pink Floyd feel.

 They pick up the pace on “Swept Away, an upbeat alt country tinged roots rocker, whch stands out on a CD dominated by more laid back jam filled fare.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
 CD: The Girl Gets Away
Band: Kingsway with the Weber Brothers
Genre: folk/ rock

Clayton Doley plays sweet blues organ from Australia

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If you like bluesy organ playing, you will love “ Desperate Times,”the new CD from Australian bluesman  Clayton Doley.  Doley has been recording and producing for many, many years and it shows on “Desperate Times.”

 Click here to hear Clayton DoleyHe explores some pretty serious subject matter like the destruction of the environment, but  makes you want to smile and sing along with his songs about serious issues.

In addition to his own material, he makes Willie  Dixon’s “Seventh Son” his own.
  Throughout he plays catchy organ and has an immediately appealing voice.

 He captures your attention form the opening track “Dealign With the Devil” which has dollops of  ’70s R and B and soul along the lines of Marvin Gaye’s “ What‘s Going On.”
There are a lot of highlights on the CD including the title track, “Dealing With The Devil” and the jazzy  instrumental “Misty.”

 he slows things  down on the soulful “Friday the 13th”
 Western front is another very cool instrumental which is more guitar based though the organ is still a big part of it.
 Another slower jazzy number, “How Blue Can You Get/ Chickenshack” is another highlight.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
 CD: Desperate Times
 Artist: Clayton Doley
 Genre: blues


Dan Walsh makes his own way on Outta The Jam

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Dan Walsh has moved on from doing his time with the Fred Eaglesmith Band. He has come into his own on his new CD “Outta the Jam.”Click here to hear Dan Walsh
 His new CD begins on the ZZ Topish “Beard,” which is fitting as Walsh himself has a beard befitting the famous Texas blues rockers themselves.
 He has a big beautiful Texas guitar sound as well as a quirky, psychedelic flanged rhythm guitar sound and lead sound, which is the one common thread on a collection of songs that are quite different.
 There is a little bit of blues, a little but of gravel voiced soul,  a little bit of folk, and something that is almost, but not quite reggae backed by a throbbing bassline.
 “Groove, is a well known blues/ folk song which  has an unstoppable acoustic groove.
“Suckerpunch” is a catchy blues inspired number.
 “Our Stairs” is  a lot more laid back and weird, but in a good way.
 The title  track “Outta Tha jam,”  a funky blues number about jam bands is definitely a highlight of the CD with it's uptempo rhythm.
“Stayin’ Now,” has  one of the most beautiful guitar solos on the CD.
 He ends the CD  with the mellow psychedelic  song “Tree Top,” featuring that very cool flanged guitar and more throbbing bass.
— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
CD: Outta Tha jam
Artist: Dan Walsh
Genre: blues/roots
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