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Casa goes big with home inspired new exhibits

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Casa is going big  and going home this weekend. In addition to Christmas at Casa returning to a live event with six new art exhibits opening Saturday, Nov. 20.


“Thematically they’re big and they explore big, meaty subjects,” said Allied Arts Council Communications co-ordinator Kelaine Devine.

Don Ahnahnsisi McIntyre’s (re)Read is one of several new art exhibits at Casa. Photo by Richard Amery


Lethbridge based artist and print-maker Kellen Spencer‘s “Between the Sidewalk and the Horizon” is in the main gallery. It explores the concept of home.

 The project began  as a documentative series of photographs of his home in Mount Pleasant in Calgary.

 The exhibit displays drawings and etching alongside  surreal elements of his photographic work exploring  the concept of home as an investment versus  places that hold family and  personal history.


“It’s a beautiful exploration of through photos and print making,” Devine said.

Czech Republic born, Lethbridge based Petra Malá Miller also explores the concept of home in her exhibit “ Living in the Zone.”


“It’s about the effects of radioactive fallout, but it’s actually uplifting rather than depressing,” Devine said.


 Cardston based artist Craig Talbot’s “Sky Palace” in the Passage Gallery looks at the concept of home in the terms of a futuristic Utopia.


“Many years ago, in the year 2021, the sacred trees were emancipated from humankind. The people of the Sky Palace re-planted the trees to create a new, healthy planet where the people of Earth Could have a chance to redeem themselves for poisoning the sacred trees,” Talbot summarizes in his artists statement.


“The world in the future has evolved into the Sky Palace,” Devine observed.

Recent U of L graduate Leah  Koutroumanos’ exhibit of watercolours “ Diary of Earthly Things” in the Casa  project space.


“Beauty and ambiguity are explored in my watercolours through contemplation of the ‘stumbled upon’ and an objects value, determined by its evanescence. I am describing the passing of time using static informal subject matter,” she writes in her artist statement.


Christmas at Casa live this weekend

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Casa is the place to be this weekend.


 In addition to the return of a live Christmas at Casa, Nov. 19 and 20, six new art exhibits open at Casa on Saturday, Nov. 20.


Karen Romanchuk plays Christmas at Casa this weekend. Photo by Richard Amery

“ We love everybody. Casa is a great hub. So you can start here and wander over to the Owl for the Guerrilla Art Collective and the SAAG,” enthused Allied Arts Council communications director Kelaine Devine, noting there are a lot of art shows happening this weekend. You can get a holiday passport which can be stamped at Fort Whoop Up at the indigenous Market, Casa, SAAG and the Galt Museum and get entered into a draw for a gift basket.


She is excited the Christmas At Casa is live again.


“We were completely online last year because of Covid, but it didn’t really capture the excitement of  being live,” Devine said.


“We’ve been closed for seven months. This is the eighth year we’ve done Christmas at Casa. It really brings the community together. And we have a wide ranging group of artists participating this year,” she said.  


Guerrilla Art Collective supports local artists with show at Owl

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The Guerrilla Art Collective is excited to deck the walls of the Owl Acoustic Lounge.

It is just one of many opportunities get shopping out of the way and buy locally for Christmas.


“The first show was a last minute show,” said Guerrilla Collective founder, Amy Arsene.


“I wanted to expand my network and meet other artists so we could exchange ideas and keep motivated,” she continued.


“It’s been over  three years since we formed. We didn’t expect them to do so well,” she said.


“We usually invite guest artists to participate, but not for this show. Hopefully for the next one,” Arsene said.


 The Guerrilla art Collective’s show is Saturday, Nov. 20 from 6-9 p .m.


 It will feature works by Amy Arsene, Heidi Sherman, Russel Jensen, Dave Bullied and Keeley and Brandy Kulcsar.


“It’s a huge space, almost as big as the Owl Acoustic Lounge upstairs. Mel Dominguez and Steve Foord were nice enough to set it up and clean it for us. It’s a gorgeous brick wall with edifices. It will be a great place for the Collective to  display our works,” she said.


Geomatic Attic Downtown features art and music

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The Geomatic Attic is taking advantage of a small  window of opportunity to put up a pop up gallery/ venue downtown next to Bread Milk and Honey (#427 – 5th Street South).



They held a successful jazz show last week with ES:MO and are looking forward to welcoming Shaye Zadravec and Guitarist Tim Leacock with  Bailey Kate and Joel Stretch opening the show on Wednesday, Nov. 10 at  8 p.m.


“It’s called the Geomatic Attic Downtown pop up art gallery and music and events space,” described the Geomatic Attic’s Mike Spencer, noting the new space is going to be leased by somebody else as of Jan. 1.


“The Geomatic Attic is a big proponent of supporting  the downtown and downtown businesses so this is an opportunity to collaborate with them,” Spencer continued, noting the Geomatic Attic is taking advantage of the next couple of months  to hold  some special events including a collaboration with  Lethbridge Living on a Film Festival during the week of Nov. 16-18.


“We’re still working out the details for the festival. Admission will be by donation There will be short films and also a film about Steve Coffey and his art, Spencer said.


 The brick walls are adorned by works by southern Albertan artists Steve Coffey, whose works are also on display at the Geomatic Attic’s main venue, and sculptor Tarryn Forai, U of L graduate Raymond Theriault as well as prints from John Snow.

 All of the works are for sale, and will be  replaced with new works as they sell.

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