Hypnophonics hilarious and energetic


For something completely different, The Slice had a late starting Sunday show, Nov. 7, beginning with local psychobilly/ punk trio, the Phantom The Hypnophonics  rock it at the Slice, Nov. 7. Photo by Richard AmeryCreeps, who played another strong set of upbeat crowd favourites.

 Then, Montreal’s Hypnophonics took a devil of a long time to set up. Then, adorned with 3-D glasses combined elements of freaky ’60s psychedelic tinged garage rock with The Damned’s humour and  the Dead Kennedy’s punk intensity into a sound that was interesting , to say the least.

 One girl at the front of the stage unbuttoned the manic lead singer’s shirt,  as he leaped all over the crowd and yelled into their faces, grinning all the while, and then returned  to the stage with a demonic glint in his eye.

The stand up bassist straddled his instrument and cut loose, backed by frenetic drumming and Danelectro ’60s garage rock riffs.

The Brains closed the show, but I  didn’t have the energy to stay around for what I am sure was an intense set of psychobilly.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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