Despite drummer troubles, Tailfeathers take last open for the bands playdown


The last night of Average Joes’s open for the bands playdown to open for Nazareth was pretty slow, April 28.
 There were a lot of familiar faces including Deadvoice, who keep getting better. They played a strong set of classic rock/blues inspired original material. One of them had a touch of Black Sabbath. All of their songs drew tremendous cheers. As always at Average Joes, the bass was turned way too loud, drowning out pretty much everyone on stage. That was not just for Deadvoice but all of the other performers.
I had never heard Lance Tailfeathers, backed by Curt Tailfeathers on bass and Tim Tailfeathers on guitar, before, so was very impressed by not only his vocals but his tasteful guitar playing.
The Lance Tailfeathers Society, who ended up winning the night, started with a very cool instrumental which was reminiscent of Santana.

It had a beautiful, toe-tapping groove and some superb guitar playing which immediately won the judges over. This was fortunate as their drummer, who they borrowed from punk band Crushing Skulls, got kicked out of the bar after their first song, resulting in Lance Tailfeathers asking if there were any drummers in the house.

 They found one who fit right in for a couple slower numbers which highlighted Lance Tailfeather’s impressive voice and tasteful guitar playing. Their last song segued immediately into a unique, funky version of Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick In the Wall— part 2,” which they totally made their own. Lance Tailfeathers ended their set by ripping all the strings off his guitar. Drummer issues aside, they were the hands down winner, so they join Dalliance Elixir, Gravity Falls and Curtis Young in the finals, June 9 to open for Nazareth in August.

 That was impressive as Caste of Shadows were the last competitors of the night and a tough act to beat.
Local modern metal band Caste of Shadows always put on an impressive, energetic show, and their Average Joes debut as a quartet, was no exception. They were having a load of fun up on stage, played some impressive riffs, but were again drowned out by the bass.

 — By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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