Shotgun Jimmie looking forward to bringing his new band to Lethbridge


Shotgun Jimmie aka Jim Kilpatrick  is looking forward to his tour with his band — bassist Ian Kehoe who is best known for being part of “Attack in Black” and Ladyhawke drummer Ryan Peters.Shotgun Jimmie and Jay Baird. Photo by Richard Amery
“All we need now is that bald Canadian, from the David Letterman show, Paul Shaeffer. That’s a shout out to Thunder Bay,” said Shotgun Jimmie or Jim Kilpatrick in the real world, en route to a gig in Thunder Bay. The trio will be playing the Owl Acoustic Lounge, July 6.
“I’ve toured with both of them,” he said , describing the band as an all star band.

“I’ve played with them both before. Ian and I have collaborated. I play in his band. And Ryan plays drums on “Transistor Sister,’” he said. He is touring as a duo until Winnipeg, when he will pick up Peters for the tour which will take them to Lethbridge.

“We’re pretty excited about it. It will be the best rock and roll show,” he said.

He is also excited about his CD “Transistor Sister,” making the long list for this year’s Polaris Prize.
“It was pretty unexpected. It’s the first time we’ve received recognition from the man or the industry. So I’m excited about it. For everybody it’s just great,” he said.

He has already embarked on a busy summer, with gigs from the Yukon to back home in New Brunswick including several music festivals across the country, including The Regina Folk Festival.

“It’s going to be interesting. I’m MCing a workshop with KD Lang. So I’m hoping I get to hang out with her. She‘s supposed to be a really nice, down to earth woman,” he said.

“And Fred Penner will be there, so I hope I get to hang out with him too,” he enthused.
He has also recorded a split seven inch single with fellow Maritimer and one of his musical idols, Joel Plaskett. Plaskett recorded a song called “Jimmie’s Still Jimmie” while he recorded a song called “That’s Not Joel.”

“I was hanging out with him in his studio and learned a lot. He’s so easy-going. He’s such a wealth of knowledge. I’m impressed with how much he really knows about music,” he said adding he will most likely play Plaskett’s “Jimmy’s Still Jimmy,” song.
He is also in the midst of finishing a video for his song “Suzie,” with renown director Ken Galloway.

“It’s a two day shoot. We filmed the first day but the band doesn’t need to be there for the second. It’s all about developing the Suzie character. He’s a pro, so it’s going to be great,” he said.

Shotgun Jimmie and his band will be playing with Forest Tate Fraser at the Owl Acoustic Lounge, July 6 at approximately 8:30 p.m. There is no cover.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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