Turncoats back to celebrate New Years Eve in Lethbridge


The Turncoats are getting back together to celebrate New Year’s Eve with their special blend of country, jazz, rock and weird, wild fun, Dec. 31 at the Slice.Andrew Scott singing with the Turncoats. photo by Richard Amery
“It’s going to be great,” enthused frontman Andrew Scott, who is now studying for his master's degree in Edmonton.
“We’ll have Evan Eushenko with us,” he said.

“It’s nice to be on stage with them. We love playing together, but the biggest problem is I’m in Edmonton and Arlen is in Saskatoon and Kyle and Paul are in Lethbridge and play with everyone,” he said.

“We never really broke up, we just moved on. I moved to Japan,” he continued.
 He has since released two solo CDs.

 The Turncoats started out playing jazz music with the University of Lethbridge Jazz Band.

“Then we got offered a couple of  gigs on our own, which was really strange,” he said adding the Turncoats have had other members, but he said the core has always been himself, Arlen Wutch and Paul Holden. They  found a combination that clicked with Harmon on drums. They eventually released two CDs as the Turncoats.

“We always have a really great time when we play,” he continued.

“Lethbridge has a really strong music community who support each other. So we’ve benefitted from that, he said, praising the variety of musicians in the scene ranging from the Lethbridge Symphony, community jazz bands like the Lethbridge Gold and Silver bands to  the alt-country scene including performers like Shaela Miller and Treeline.

They always enjoy New YThe Turncoats. Photo by Richard Ameryear’s Eve gigs, especially ones in Lethbridge. Scott thought this would be the third New Year’s they’ve played at the Slice.

“We’re really good friends, like a little family though we don’t always get along,” he said.

“It’s going to be really fun, there’ll be some dancing. We just want to play and have a good time seeing our friends,” he said.
 He added they want to play more gigs  and perhaps record a new CD in the new year.

— By Richard Amery, L.A Beat Editor
Last Updated ( Sunday, 23 December 2012 18:35 )