Local bands raise money for Electric Eye Music Festival


Several local bands got together to raise money and attention for the upcoming May 7-9  Electric Eye Music Festival, by playing a loud and exciting fundraiser at the Slice, March 14.
 I caught the end of an energetic set of punk tinged rock and roll from local band the utilities.

 They are one of these bands that get tighter every time I see them. I was sad I couldn’t see more.Lustre Creame playing for the Electic Eye Music Festival, March 14. Photo by Rchard Amery

 After that, local progressive rock trio Lustre Creame took the stage. As always I was impressed with how well they play.

 Bassist/ vocalist Jeffrey “Willis” Orriss was in the middle of celebrating his baseball team’s B division championship in a tournament earlier that day with a  few libations and it showed. But he still played intricate bass riffs and chords and sang big vocals along with guitarist Aaron Trozzo playing complex guitar lines.

“ I hope you like Slayer because that’s all we’re going to play,” Orriss shouted.

 Instead they played a variety of their older songs and some newer material like “Where Do We Go From Here,” and “Bounce,” the new material has more of a ’90s grunge vibe along the lines of Alice in Chains.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 25 March 2015 11:33 )