The Wild! proud to be who they are on the road with Buckcherry


It has been a  wild year for Kelowna based rock band the Wild! who return to Lethbridge, Nov. 8 to open for Los Angeles rockers Buck Cherry at Average Joes.The Wild return to Lethbridge to open for Buckcherry, Nov. 8. Photo by Richard Amery

They are about to release the fourth single “What About You” from new CD GxDxWxB which has spawned two top 40 singles and one Top 5 and recently signed with eOne Music which will allow their gritty rock and roll to be heard worldwide and will open up touring opportunities  all over the USA, Europe, the UK, Australia, South America and Japan.

 “ It’s been a hell of a year,” said frontman  Dylan Villain, who is excited about their second tour with Buckcherry.
“This will be our second tour with them. They’ve become really close friends with us. So We’re looking forward to being on the road with them,” he said,” adding they kept in touch after the last tour.

“And I go to L.A. a few times a year,” he said.
“They’re great guys and a great band. I’ve been a fan of theirs for a long time,” he said adding it is  just part of an exciting year for the band, which also includes tour dates with Haelstorm, Godsmack for Halloween and reuniting with their old friends One Bad Son.

They have just released a new video for “Slow Burn”— which is  the band shooting and blowing up televisions and a piano in the woods.

“ It’s what it’s like to hang out with us when we’re at home. We’re not city folks. We play a lot of cities,  but when we are home we like to be in the woods, blowing stuff up,” he chuckled.

“ It’s who we are and we’re not shy about that,” he said.

They are working on new music as well.

“I’m always writing,” he said adding a few of the new songs are part of their set..
“It’s who we are. We‘re not afraid of it. So it’s pretty much what you'd expect from us— straight up rock and roll,” he said.

“ We’ve done a lot of hard work. And good things keep happening for us. So that’s really encouraging” he summarized.

“We’re working hard, we’ve been lucky, so we’re just keeping our head down,” he said.
 Things get wild on the road, but he isn’t sharing.

 “ That’s classified,” he laughed.
Buckcherry and the Wild! play at Average Joes, on Sunday, Nov. 8. Tickets are  $50 door $45 advance.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 03 November 2015 10:49 )