Sonreal excited about Juno nomination for video


Vancouver born, now Los Angeles based rapper  Aaron Hoffman better known as Sonreal returns to Lethbridge, March 2 to play Studio 54 with Classified.

Sonreal returns to Lethbridge, March 1. Photo by Richard Amery
 He is enjoying living in Los Angeles.
“ My record company is here. It’s incredible how much is here to help us become successful,” he said adding he will always represent Vancouver.

 He recently received a couple of Juno nominations for  Peter Huang’s quirky video for  Sonreal’s song “For The Town” which features a hand reaching out of a computer to throw a bottle at a critic and sunbathing girl who explodes after calling the video “weird.”

“I’m very, very excited about that,” he said adding creativity is key when making a  good video.
“I’ve never been one to make a regular video and  just stand in front of the camera,” he said, adding he recruits his friends to be in the videos, so there are always familiar faces in them.

The Juno nominated video was released about six months ago.
“ I couldn’t afford actors, so I just asked my friends,” he said.


“A  lot of times, before I even write a song, I’ll think of  what the video will look like first,” he said.

 He is working on a new CD.
“It’s coming together very well. I’m excited about it.  It’s definitely my best stuff. I’m stoked about it,” he continued.
He is blending a variety of  his musical tastes into the new songs.


“I love listening to old soul and R and B music. I love Isaac Hayes. My dad played me a lot of that music when I was growing up.  In the 1990s I started listening to the Beastie Boys. But now I’m listening to  a lot of DJs, ” he said.

He is looking forward to touring with Classified, who he has never done a full tour with before, though he shared a stage with him in Lethbridge a year ago.

“He’s a great guy. I’ll learn a lot from him. I’m excited about the journey,” he continued.
Classified and Sonreal play Studio 54, March 2.
 The show begins at 8 p.m. Tickets are $30 in advance.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 23 February 2016 11:02 )