CKXU Fundrive sets $30,000 goal to ‘fund the frequency’


CKXU is “Funding the Frequency”  for their tenth annual FunDrive this year, March 18-25 and in the process looking for a few young bands to help celebrate.Aaron trozzo andt CKXU Loves You 2016, Feb. 13. Photo by Richard Amery
 The University of Lethbridge based community radio station has set a goal of raising $30,000 to put towards a new 3,000 watt transmitter which will allow the station’s signal to cover an egg  shaped area reaching as far away as Fort Macleod and to the edge of Taber.

 CKXU’s programming includes a variety of different music not played on Top 40 radio including, blues,  metal, punk, indie rock and rap as well as spoken word and issues related shows which explore topic like sexuality, First Nations issues , feminism and more alternative point of views.
“We‘re pretty close. This will be the last transmitter focused FunDrive we’ll do. Usually FunDrive is to pay for things like broken CD players and expenses,” said CKXU station manager Aaron Trozzo. In addition to  volunteers and DJs discussing FunDrive on the air while offering very cool CKXU swag as well as custom designed swag, there are several events happening around Lethbridge that week.
A popular event  “The Tuneful Tangle,” an under 18 battle of the bands is scheduled to take place at Attainable Records (314 7th St South), Saturday, March 19 from 1-5 p.m..

“There are some pretty cool prizes like the opportunity to play at the Electric Eye Music Festival and the opportunity to play Love and Records and the opportunity to play Canada Day,” Trozzo said.
“It feels like the under 18 music scene is severely under-represented. They  do not have access to the resources of over 18 or adult bands have access to,” he continued.

To participate bands must have 66 per cent of members who are under 18 and at least one original song. The deadline for entry is March 15.
Go to to enter and find out more and to enter.

“The judging panel members are all part of the Lethbridge music scene. We trust their musical discretion,” Trozzo said.
Supporting the local music scene and the community is part of the station’s mandate, which is why community friendly events are important part of FunDrive week.

Another popular family friendly event returning this year is the Cupcake carnival, where local bakers and cupcake enthusiasts enter their favourite and unusual cupcake recipes into a contest. This year it takes place at the YMCA on Sunday, March 20 from 1-5 p.m.
A new event takes place at the Owl Acoustic Lounge on Wednesday, March 23.


“We’re having a game show night. It is a combination of all of your favourite game shows. People compete for some pretty cool prizes,” Trozzo said.
FunDrive winds up with a gala event at the Slice, Feb. 25 — Freq Mod which is short for Frequency Modulation best known as FM.
“It is a night of electronic music. It’s a dance party of local bands playing electronic music,” said Trozzo said who is confident the dedicated volunteer corps will be able to reach their goal this year.

“I’m feeling pretty good about it,” he said noting they have exceed their goals for the past two years.
 They are also expanding FUNDrive hours  to run from 7 a.m.-9 p.m. each day.
“A lot of our DJs aren’t interested in being on the air that early. But we have a lot of people who listen to us that early. So we have some great programming planned. We have live performances and we have a lot of  our former DJs coming back to do FunDrive shows,” Trozzo said.
“We don’t do things like anyone else and we don’t fundraise like anyone else,” he said.

“We have people involved from all walks of life. We have a great group of people believing in what we’re doing,” he said. Swag includes T-Shirts, tote bags, hot sauce and the CKXU Friends card, which gets the owner a discount at numerous Lethbridge businesses. In past years, individual DJs have given away CDs, baked goods, art, guitars and even services like personalized curb sized recycling.

CKXU is an independent, community operated radio station, so there are few commercials and all of the on air people are volunteers including community members and university students  and U of L graduates. There have even been retired people  doing regular shows.

“CKXU has been a place for people who don’t really fit in. We welcome everyone with no judgement. And that’s the way it should be,” Trozzo said.
The proceeds  from this year’s FunDrive will go towards CKXU’s part of a matching grant they are applying for.
The total project costs $140,000 of which CKXU is responsible for $45,000 which will include the proceeds from the past two FunDrives plus this year’s earnings.

 A version of this story appears in the March 9, 2016 edition of the Lethbridge Sun Times
— By Richard Amery, l.A. Beat Editor
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