Steve Dawson a bonus surprise with Matt Patershuk band and Carter Felker


 An appreciative, though intimate audience enjoyed some of Alberta’s best unknown country and roots musicians at the Geomatic Attic, March 20 as Calgary’s Carter Felker plus Matt Patershuk took the stage. As a special bonus, Patershuk had renown producer and guitarist Steve Dawson in his band.

 Carter Felker and Danny Dyck playThe Matt Patershuk band including  Steve Dawson, Matt Patershuk, Jeremy Holmes and Gary Craig at the Geomatic Attic, March 20. Photo by Richard Ameryed most of Felker’s brand new CD “Everyday Life” beginning with the title track. He played beautifully fingerpicked guitar licks while singing  heartfelt stories about addiction and life in Alberta and deceased friends.
 His voice was reminiscent of folks like John Prine with a touch of Jerry Jeff Walker and Ridley Bent.

  A few of the highlights  were the title track of the CD plus “ A Couple of Grams,”  a touching story of addiction “Alberta Woes,” about oil patch workers getting laid off, and a touching tribute to a departed friend “My Friend Steve.”

He told the stories behind the songs and cracked jokes in between songs noting he would play a sad song that sounds happy.
Ryan Dyck added pedal steel guitar throughout.

Matt Patershuk and his hot band of drummer Gary Craig bassist Jeremy Holmes and  the inimitable Steve Dawson of pedal steel, lead guitar and Weissenborn guitar took the stage to play much of Patershuk’s latest CD “I Was So Fond of You,” which was inspired by his younger sister Clare who was killed by a drunk driver in 2013.

He began his set with a couple upbeat numbers with “Silver Bangles,” and a new, sombre song “ Burning the Candle at Both  End.” His smooth, silky baritone was reminiscent of Sun Volt/ Uncle Tupelo’s Jay Farrar with a touch of Dave McCann and  Calgary’s Kent McAllister and the Iron Choir.
 He played real, authentic country and roots music with just a touch of twang.Carter Felker at the Geomatic Attic. Photo by Richard Amery
 Having Steve Dawson on stage was a pleasant surprise to the  audience of approximately 40 people who applauded after almost every one of his subtle, jazz tinged solos. He nodded in appreciation after each round of applause.

 Patershuk stood stoically strumming his songs, taking an occasional break  to share  stories about his sister as he said it was an honour and privilege to play the songs in her memory. One of the more touching stories a was about his sister’s horse.

“Back Against the Wall” was a highlight later in the set.
 He broke away from more traditional country and exchanged his acoustic guitar for the more R and B  feel of  the “Colour Song” from his  “Outside The Lights of Town” CD which had an addictively catchy guitar hook.

 After playing the title track of his new CD, Patershuk stepped back and let Steve Dawson play and sing one of his own songs to wind down the show.

— by Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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