Royal Tusk, Fake Shark and Supervoid rock raucous music


 I expected a lot more people to come and see Edmonton rockers Royal Tusk wind up their tour at Studio, May 27. More trickled in by the time Royal Tusk hit the stage around 11:15. Royal Tusk Frontman Daniel Carriere at Studio, May 27. Photo by Richard Amery
 But there weren’t a lot of people there to see local alternative rock trio the Supervoid’s first show with new bassist Christian Nelson.

They played a loud The Supervoid debut their new line up, May 27. Photo by Richard Ameryraucous set of anger fuelled alternative rock featuring a lot of songs from their latest CD Infinite Plus One.
 Vancouver’s Fake Shark  were up next. They took me by surprise as I was expecting more of a weird, loud, fuzzed out punk show. Instead they played a set of weird, funky more mainstream dance  pop music with just a touch of  the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

A lot more people had trickled in by the time  Royal Tusk hit the stage at Studio.
“ We’re here to party,” shouted frontman Daniel Carriere.

 They were true to their word and had a lot of people shaking in front of the stage. They played much of their new CD “Dealbreaker” as well as older material.

They were hot, hot hot and super tight.
They played the new singles “ Fever” and  “Curse the Weather” came early on in the set.”


They played a very enjoyable set of rock and rock and ended up enjoying a couple extended jams backed by  a big groove all the way through and even rapped a little.

They had some excellent vocal harmonies and solid guitar playing including some triple guitar action as keyboardist  Mike James picked up a guitar for a few songs including a highlight I think was called “ The Further You Go.”.
They wound down things on a slower note with the keyboard powered “So Long the Build Up.”

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat EditorFake Shark opening for Royal Tusk. Photo by Richard Amery
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