One Bad Son play great new songs for full house


Saskatoon Rockers One Bad Son roared back into Lethbridge for the first time in a year to premiere some new music and  get a good sized crowd jumping and bumping and throwing their devil’s horns, Dec. 15 at Average Joes.Adam Hicks shows his slide guitar licks. photo by Richard Amery

One Bad Son’s Shane Volk rock Average Joes, Dec. 15. Photo by Richard Amery
 After a solid acoustic set from Daylan Delaney One Bad Son stormed onto stage with a couple hi uptempo high octane numbers including a more metal influenced “Made in Rock And Roll,” followed by  “Black Buffalo,” one of their previous hits which got the crowd singing along as did another powerful slower hit “ Satellite Hotel,” which gave Volk a chance to show off his impressive  vocal range and Hicks to show off the band’s bluesy side. Hicks showed some solid slide guitar chops throughout the set.

 Frenetic frontman Shane Volk jumped all around the stage as he encouraged the crowd to sing along though nobody could quite match his inimitable scream which sounded like the bastard child of Honeymoon Suite, Jon Bon Jovi and Axl Rose. Guitarist  Adam Hicks added some big Aerosmith style classic rock riffs and massive solos throughout, while Kurt Dahl grinned as he thrashed away behind his drum kit and bassist Adam Grant more or less lurked in the shadows providing a throbbing beat.

 While they have a heap of hits, this short tour was all about choosing the next single to be released in the new year, so they played  a lot of newer songs.

 A good candidate for the next single was “ The Promise,” powered by a “sexy” arpeggiated Adam Hicks guitar lick which drew the crowd in before turning it into an anthemic mid tempo rocker.
 The whole show was a big, loud and enjoyable rock show complete with drum solos, guitar solos and a lot of popular singalong hits like “ Scarecrows” Psycho Killer” which came mid set and “ It Ain’t Right,” which came near the end.

 Volk left the stage  to take a breath of chilly winter air while his bandmates jammed on Metallica’s “Master of Puppets.”

 They added another brand new rocker I think was called “Rock and Roll is still Alive,”  finished their set with  “Retribution Blues” and were called back for an encore

—by Richard Amery, L.A. Beat EditorShane Volk takes a breather. Photo by Richard Amery
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