‘Skinny’ Dyck presents steel guitar and southern Alberta talent on new compilation


Local musician Ryan (Skinny) Dyck aka Danny Dyck is excited to present his new compilation of 20 mostly southern Alberta musicians called Twenty-One Nighters.

Skinny Dyck playing with Carter Felker. Photo by Richard Amery
“There are 10 local and 10 non local artists. We recorded each of the songs in one night, just band in a room kind of thing,” Dyck said.

“They are all friends of mine and people I’ve played with,” he continued , adding he plays steel guitar on all of the tracks.

 “But it isn’t a steel guitar album. The compilation showcases  the artist rather than me playing. Other than three of four of them, most of the songs have never been released them before. They‘re songs I know from seeing the artists play them live or songs they have given me on a demo,” he said.

“There are very few overdubs and the vocals are live, which is unusual these days,” he continued.

The compilation includes a variety of roots/ country artists including local musicians Shaela Miller, John Wort Hannam, Dave McCann, Steve Foord plus Taylor Ackerman and co producer Tyler Bird, Calgary musicians Carter Felker, Amy Nelson and Tom Phillips. There are also songs from Southern Alberta artists Justin Smith from Tin and the Toad and Lance Loree.

“These are all people I’ve played with or that I know from my radio show (Chin Up Record Club, Mondays 8-9  p.m. on CKXU 88.3 f.m.) which is country and I play a lot of Canadian music on it. So this compilation was a good opportunity to work with people interested in like minded stuff,” he said, noting he has been working with it since the Fall. He has been recording the artists with other co-producer Jon Martin in his studio Green Recording.


“I’m the producer, so I’m booking the bands and the musicians and organizing all of the logistics, which has been the most challenging part of the process,” he observed.

 Physical copies of the CD will be in local stores like Blueprint in September, however Dyck has started an Indiegogo campaign to cover the costs of the production. Perks include an early copy of the CD as well as a mug featuring hand drawn renditions of the performers by Madeleine Baldwin, a house concert with Dyck’s duo and a full concert with a new band he is forming to support the compilation called Skinny Dyck and  the Chicken Catchers.

“ We’ll be doing  a lot of CD release shows in the fall, in September and October,” he said, noting the band will be an all-star line up of performers on the CD plus special guests. More information about the project and the indiegogo campaign is available at

A version of this story appears in the July 19, 2017 edition of the Lethbridge Sun Times/ Shopper
— By Richard Amery,L.A. beat Editor
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