Moulettes experiment with cello based, female fronted progressive rock


The United Kingdom based female fronted progressive rock quartet The Moulettes wind down their fourth Canadian tour at the Geomatic Attic, Sunday night at the Geomatic Attic.

The Moulettes play the Geomatic Attic, Oct. 15. Photo submitted
“Our press quotes  say we have an eclectic  mix of influences from David Bowie, to Kraftwerk to the Kronos quartet. So I guess we’ve soaked up a lot of our music influences which come out in a way we really like,” said Moulettes lead singer and lead cellist Hannah  Miller who is excited to bring bandmates  guitarist/vocalist, dobro player Raevennan Husbandes, drummer/vocalist/ synth player and guitarist Ollie Austin and bassist/Moog organist and vocalist Jim Mortimore to  Lethbridge in support of their latest CD “Preternatural.”

“And female fronted progressive rock quartets don’t come around as often as they should,” she said.
 The cello is an important part of the band.
“It’s actually a very special five string electric cello my dad, who is a luthier, built for me. It’s got a hollow body. It has a big body and rock sound, but it doesn’t feed back,” she said, noting she doesn’t consider it unusual to have a lead cello in the band.

“I’m the main songwriter and that’s what I play. The cello is a pretty versatile instrument.  I have the fifth string so it allows me to get into the high ranges like a violin. We have lead cello and lead guitar,” she observed.

 They first played Canada in 2015.
“ We love playing Canada. This tour had been going great. It’s been a lot of fun, we’ve been playing good audiences and people have been giving us standing ovations,” she said, noting their first Canadian show was  the Montreal Jazz festival, which lead to other festival bookings and a  tour from  the Maritimes out to Victoria.

“ There are a lot of different, big layers to our music and big vocals. There  are lots of different moods, she said.
“ The tour is designed around our album ‘Preternatural’ which is about the concept of nature and our relationship to it,” she said.

“Audiences have been brilliant. One person told us  that her mind was blown, so we had to check to see if it was or if we affected her intellectually and cerebrally,” she chuckled.

“ It’s near the end of the tour so  we’re really at the best  we can be which happens when you play as many gigs as we do. You really learn how to play,” she said, noting in addition to the Canadian tour they have also played several European tours all over the United Kingdom, Germany and several Scandinavian dates including Copenhagen.

“After that we’ll go home and write and come back to Canada in 2019 with a new album,” she promised.

The Moulettes play the Geomatic Attic, Sunday, Oct. 15 at 8 p.m. sharp. Tickets are $37.50.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

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