Fish&Bird lay down some ghostly folk music

Small numbers didn’t deter  Victoria based roots quartet Fish& Bird, who played a short set at Henotic’s GCBC Lounge for about 10 people, April 12.Fish & Bird  set a ghostly groove April 12. Photo by Richard Amery
They showed just how many different sounds and styles you could make with a stand -up bass, a couple guitars, a banjo and a fiddle.
Thanks to the use of bows used not only on the bass  and fiddle, but banjo as well, the band had a ghostly aura and ethereal country vocals backed by haunting harmonies.
 They played some tracks from their latest CD ’Left Brain Blues’ from last year and also introduced the attentive audience to several new songs, ,one brand new  which they wrote in Nanton the night before and another really cool one which had inflections of jazz as well as a new “ghost song” which singer/banjo player and guitarist  Taylor Ashton said he’d always wanted to write because songs about ghosts are a common theme in folk music. He used a bow on his banjo to set a ghostly mood for the song.
 I was hoping they’d play longer, but they put on a fascinating show.
— by Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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