Bazaraba play detuned heaviness


I caught the end of a big, loud rock show at the Slice, Friday, Sept. 14. I missed opening sets from the Rainbow Patrol and Iron Tusk, a metal project including mBazaraba playing the Slice, Sept. 14. photo by Richard Ameryembers from punk band No More Moments.

But I was in time for the bone crushing detuned,  alternative rock/stoner rock and punk of Calgary power trio Bazaraba and was kicking myself for forgetting to bring my earplugs.

The guitarist/vocalist sported a Black Thunder  T shirt,  so I knew to expect a that sort of massive sound.

They channelled the power of Black Sabbath with more modern influences like Kyuss, Monster Truck and  the aforementioned Black Thunder.

 They had plenty of massive, detuned riffs, a solid  groove and gang vocals. Most of their set was mid tempo sludge rock, but picked up  the pace in places for a more punk influenced sound.

— by Richard Amery, L.a. beat Editor

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