Default and Age of Days bring back the ’00s


 Sundays can rock if you want them too. So a close to a sold out crowd piled into Average Joes to relive the late ’90s and early ’00s with Age of Days and a reformed Default, Sunday, Oct. 28.Default rocked Average Joes on a Sunday night. photo by Richard Amery

 I must be getting too old for this, because I’ve never hated a lighting person more than I did at this show because of the spastic monkey randomly pushing buttons throughout the night, which was so distracting from the music, I had to retreat to the back of the room to avoid having a seizure about three songs in.

 I feel i should be more familiar with opening act Age of Days, who played a solid set of upbeat alternative rock, which was immediately recognizable as coming from the ’00s and’10s along the lines of bands like Finger 11, Nickelback, and, of course, Default, who the lead singer noted took them on their first tour.

They opened with a detuned uptempo 2012 track, “Bombs Away.”

 In places they sounded like a detuned Bon Jovi, so they had a big booming groove, guitar hooks  and vocals reminiscent of Jon  Bon Jovi himself.
 They played a great heavy cover of  Roxette’s hit “ She’s Got the The Look.”Default rocked Average Joes on a Sunday night. photo by Richard Amery
 Another highlight was “She’s so Serious.”

Dallas Smith exchanged his cowboy hat for a trucker’s hat and his rocker’s face for Default. I feel I should be more familiar with them, having grown up listening to them. But there wasn’t any country to be heard within a country mile of this show.

  They played a loud, long, intense set of detuned, radio friendly ’90s style alternative rock.
A s promised in my interview with Dallas last week, Default had a bigger, beefier, heavier sound with the addition of his guitarist from his country band, who stayed in the shadows.
 They played a supremely heavy and loud set  which had an enthusiastic audience screaming.

Age of Days opening for Default. Photo by Richard Amery
 And while Smith is now a bona fide country star, he still showed himself to have the pipes of a the bastard half brother of Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell.

The band were amazingly tight and heavy. The bassist was an especially enjoyable sight to watch thrashing around and banging his head. Dallas jumped all over the stage with his microphone, howling and screaming.

 Their big hit “Wasting my Time,” came near the end as expected. He raved about how excited the band was to be opening for the Stone Temple Pilots this year.
 And to emphasize their ’90s influence, they were called back for a solid encore of Soundgarden’s “Outshined.”

— by Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

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