Tyrants of Chaos bring ’80s metal back


Everybody was in their  hot, sweaty, sexiest  hair metal era finest for a rescheduled ’80s night at La Cité Des Prairies, Saturday, Aug. 14.

Tyrants of Chaos  going ’80s at Cité des Prairies, Aug. 14. Photo by Richard Amery

 the event was originally supposed to happened last year, but, like everything else , was cancelled because of Covid 19.

 So everybody was in the mood to party with the Andi Roberts Band and Tyrants of Chaos, who were covering their favourite ’80s songs.

 The  audience was dressed in their favourite ’80s outfits including spandex, exercise outfits, leather, and big hair wigs.

One guy was even running around the front stage with a fake microphone.


 I missed  the Andi Roberts band’s set of  pop and rock music.

 But I arrived  in the middle of the Tyrants of Chaos, loud, hot sweaty set of ’80s metal.


They had blinding lights shining on the band and were shaking the walls with their volume.

Frontman Phil Sirias shrieked window breaking high notes.

 Guitarists Curtiss Vaselenak and Arik Wagner laid into some harmonized guitar leads to die for while Ryan Dyck thundered away on the drums at the back of the stage.


 Wagner  was the only band member to go full ’80s spandex. Sirias sported a  Run DMC sleeveless shirt and shorts while Vaselenak opted for torn jeans.

 I arrived in the middle of a hot cover of the Scorpions’ “No One Like You,” which featured harmonized guitar leads.

 They tore up  Dio-era Black Sabbath with a cover of  the epic “Children of the Sea.”


For more mainstream ’80s rock, they knocked out a cover of Quiet Riot’s “Bang Your Head.”

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

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