Jonnor and Fawns play loud show at Owl


 A decent  crowd was  all set for a night of rock and roll with Jonnor, Cold Water and Fawns, Friday, Oct. 8 at the Owl Acoustic Lounge.

 I arrived in the  middle of Calgary duo Jonnor’s set. They played a solid set of mid to late ’90s influenced rock and roll, with just a touch of grunge.

Jonnor playing the Owl Acoustic lounge,Oct. 8. Photo by Richard Amery


 They had a lot of energy and were having a lot of fun on stage.

 I didn’t want to miss Steve Keenan’s CD release party at the Slice, so I unfortunately missed Cold Water, but got back just in time for Fawns.


I’ve loved Fawns since the first time I saw them play. Mercedes Fawns has unforgettable impassioned  vocals and Richard Charlton has a way with a catchy guitar riff.


 However I couldn’t hear any of that, because this time the bassist drowned everybody else out in an excruciatingly loud set which is unusual for the Owl.


Unless you’re Flea or the ghost of Lemmy, the bassist should not be front and centre.


I think Steve Foord was debugging the sound system, but I could only stay for three or four songs before I had to leave because of the volume.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

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