Tyrants of Chaos celebrate new wave of British heavy metal with third CD and videos


Local metal stalwarts Tyrants of Chaos are excited to release their third release and first full length album “Relentless Thirst for Power” which is officially out on Aug. 19 on all platforms.

Tyrants of Chaos have released their new album Relentless thirst For Power. Photo by RichardAmery

 The new album gives a massive head banging nod to the new wave of British heavy metal icons like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. 


That means there are plenty of galloping rhythms powered by bassist Sean Simpson and drummer Ryan Dyck, twin guitar pyrotechnics from Arik Wagner and Curtiss Vaselenak, not to mention the operatic, multi-octave vocals of Phil Sirias, which go from unearthly growls to ear piercing air siren screams , sometimes in the space of a single song.


 They have released videos for  “T.O.C” and  “ Slay the Hostages,” which they shot in their north side rehearsal space earlier this summer.


“Everyone in the crowd for the ‘Slay the Hostages’ video is local, so you’ll recognize some familiar faces,” said Vaselenak, before a band rehearsal in the former Hothouse Studios.

“ A lot of people are looking at the videos and sharing them,” said lead singer Phil Sirias.


The band is excited about the new album and hired a top management team and  PR  team to promote it. It has received interest from metal and rock publications all over the world.


“It’s pretty amazing that people in  Italy and Germany are writing about us,” Vaselenak said.

“It was a different process. It is more of a full band effort,” Vaselenak said, adding they began working on the album last June.


“ It’s our first full length album— 10 tracks,” noted Arik Wagner, noting he contributed a lot of the riffs to the songs for the band to enhance.


“I took some riffs to the band and they made  them into whole songs. It was a fun way to write. They painted them with whole different feel,” Wagner said.

“We spent a lot of time figuring the songs out,” Wagner continued.



“ We paid a lot of att

Phil Sirias of Tyrants of Chaos have released their new album Relentless thirst For Power. Photo by RichardAmery

ention to the small details,” he continued.


“People really seem to like it,” said frontman Phil Sirias said, adding a CD release party is being planned, but nothing has been confirmed yet. 


You can get the CD through Bandcamp, Cd baby and  the streaming services.


“We added a whole new set of ears to the album,” Sirias  said, noting they solidified the current line up with  Wagner and Simpson in 2019.

“We’re pretty proud of the production on it,” Simpson said.


Catch Tyrants of Chaos at  Frankenfest, Sept. 3 at Creepy Hollow outside of Warner.

— By RichardAmery, L.A. Beat Editor

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