Calgary’s Syryn continues exploring the realms of pirate metal on “Heads or Tails”


Calgary metal band Syryn continue to explore the unexplored seas of pirate metal on their new sophomore CD “ Heads or Tails.

They return to the Slice, Saturday, Aug. 20 with local bands  Eons of Earth and Chernoff.


“We never set out to be a pirate metal band, it just found us. It is kind of a rare niche. I was singing about sirens and we just rolled with it,” said vocalist Sloan Voxx, adding she is pleased with the new CD, which is officially released Aug 26.


Syryn return to the Slice, Aug. 20  pHoto by RichardAmery

“ It’s our second  full length, eight track album. We continued the theme of a siren (a creature from Greek mythology known to lure sailors to their deaths with their alluring voices). But it is more from the pirate’s perspective,“ she said.


“ We veered away from the pirate theme, but we still kept it,” she added, noting  the lyrics delve deeper then just the pirate milieu.


“The lyrics usually come last. The music is first and sometimes I was writing lyrics on the way to the studio,” she said.


Syryn’s core including  guitarists Paulo Rage, Byron Gorieu and drummer Brian Campbell have been together for six years. Bassist Alexis Rose joined approximately a year ago.

“ We’re like a second family. We do things outside of just band practice too,” Voxx said.


Voxx’s powerhouse voice is at the bow of the Syryn ship.


 It has evolved naturally.


“ I started out with the Royal Conservatory of Music in piano and voice and then started singing with an a cappella singing group in school,” she said, adding she eased her way into metal.


“ My parents always listened to country music, then I moved into pop, then R and B, then classic rock, then hard rock and then metal,” she said adding seeing the band Into Eternity set her on her course.

“ I saw Into Eternity and was completely captivated by this woman, Amanda Kieran, singing. And I said I have to do that. So as soon as my daughter was old enough to be left alone, I formed this band, ( in2017),” she enthused.


 The“ Heads or Tales”  features  some special guests , including producer Craig Carswell from Dorians Mirror, Court of Cardinals who also  adds extra screams to “ Fist Full of Dagger” and Amanda Kieran, who was also part of The Order of Chaos, who adds extra vocals to the last track “Succubus Queen.”



“ It isn’t often you get to become best friends and sing with one your mentors and now she’s on the album,” Voxx enthused.

“ It was so much  fun to have Craig scream on  ‘Fist Full of Daggers,” she said.


 Syryn put. A lot of work into their live show.

“ All of our songs have lyric videos which is fun for people who have heard us before and fun for us to watch people who have never seen us before  sin Ming along with us,” she said.

“We’ve got really good feedback from people about it,” she said.


“We have a song called ‘Walk the Plank’  so for  the Loud as Hell Festival in Drumheller this year, we brought a plank on stage and brought a guy on stage and made him walk it. He dove into the crowd and they carried him away,” she recalled.

“ We want our shows to be more than just a live show. We want them to be an experience,” she continued.


“ A lot of people who don’t like metal like us. And we’ve won over hip hop and pop crowds,” she said.

 “We appreciate everybody who supports us,” she said.


Syryn play the Slice, Saturday, Aug. 20. The show begins at 9 p.m. with Eons of Earth and Chernoff. There is a $15 cover.

— By Richard Amery, L.A.  Beat Editor

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