Friends get loud to remember a friend through music


 Things got loud at the Slice, Friday, Aug. 12 in honour of one of the loudest guys in the room— Brent Sorge, who passed away last April.


Geoff plays Brent  Sorge’s memorial , Aug. 12 bat the Slice. photo by RichardAmery

A lot of friends were attendance to remember Sorge through music. A big poster of him was pasted on the Slice speakers.


I missed Queen of the Worms’ opening set, but frontman Tyler Bird would be rocking with Public Execution a little later in the night.


 Calgary band Geoff played a massively detuned set of loud alternative rock, punk and dissonant metal music.


 The band was tight and wore their influences on their chests. The frontman, wearing a Melvins T-shirt, crouched over his mic, bellowed out vocals. The guitarist pounded out power chords on a detuned Telecaster.



Public Execution, featuring some familiar faces including Tyler Bird and Jon Vornbrock described Sorge as “ a rock star without a band, so this is his band,” as they launched into a high energy, solid set of unstoppable and brutally loud, dissonant punk and alternative rock which also had elements of the Misfits.


Jesse Hill sings Nomeansno with Public Execution, Aug. 12. photo by RichardAmery


Vornbrock broke a string in the first song, so the rest of the band improvised while he changed it.


They tore it up for the rest of the night as things got a little drunk out in a fitting tribute for a beloved member of  the Lethbridge music scene.


They brought Jesa Hill on stage to sing a sizzling version of Nomeansno’s “ Let’s Get Started Now.”

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

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