CKXU celebrates independent country music at For the Record Festival


University of Lethbridge based community radio station CKXU celebrated  Alberta]s country music underground with the For the Record Festival in the grove next to the Students Union building, Saturday, Aug. 13.

D’Orjay The Singing Shaman performing at CKXU’s  For The Record festival, Aug. 13. Phot by RichardAmery


I only caught a few acts. Approximately a hundred people lounged in front of the stage and in the beer gardens listening to an assortment of alternative country band. I missed Mariya Stokes and The Cody Hall band plus Robert Adam , who played earlier.


 Hut I was in time to catch D’Orjay the Singing Shaman. She was dressed in a pinstriped white suit and white skirt, crooning out  more gospel and pop inspired country music as a  keyboardist, fiddle player, drummer and bassist supplied the bedrock of the music and the more country leanings.


 The singing Shaman sang gorgeous, soulful melodies before making way for Amy Nelson.



Amy Nelson performing at CKXU’s  For The Record festival, Aug. 13. Phot by RichardAmery

 I always look forward to the Calgary based traditional country musician. She  observed “ it’s hard to play a 20 minute set when you’re used to  jamming on six minute songs.”

That’s exactly what she did, backed by a hot   lap steel guitarist and Lethbridge musician Clayton Smith on drums.


Amy Nelson, not Willy Nelson’s daughter Amy, had a vintage twang and played her usual entrancing set of her own take on classic country music.


She played her own music, but also covered an old spiritual originally covered by Johnny Cash.


Shaela Miller  wound up the festival.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. beat Editor

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