Moon Runners and The Rainbow Patrol return with new psychedelic music


A good sized crowd got a sneak preview of Frankenfest 2 at the Owl Acoustic lounge, Friday, Sept.  Richard Charlton kicked off a busy weekend with Rainbow Patrol, who played their first gig since 2019.

They welcomed new bassist Jacqueline to the stage to hold down an intricate groove, while dancing all over the stage and into the audience.


Rainbow patrol playing the Owl Acoustic Lounge, Sept. 2. They will be at Frankenfest 2 tonight (Sept. 3). Photo by RichardAmery

 They played an energetic set of alternative rock and stoner rock. Charlton and the drummer Travis Arnoldussen took turns on lead vocals with Arnoldussen snarling out vocals from behind his kit.

 Charlton sang into two microphones for the more melodic vocals.. He also traded guitar licks with  guitarist  Chris Arnoldussen who was playing the more spooky, psychedelic arpeggiated passages.

In addition to the new bassist, they also had new songs to share including the catchy “Apocalypse Now,” which Charlton dedicated to all the bald head villains.


Charlton punched away a a keyboard as his compatriot soloed. 


Lethbridge hasn’t seen Regina progressive rock band the Moon Runners in at least as long as The Rainbow Patrol.


They also had new songs and laid down a blend of Rush meets Moneen madness with a touch of old Matthew Good and a few harmonized leads and weirdly phased Caribbean licks thrown into the mix for good measure.


 They played an energetic show  with a lot of hot playing and even brought a multi-media show.


 They will be playing Frankenfest 2 at Creepy Hollow outside of Warner today, Sept. 3.  The Moon Runners playing at 9 p.m. and Rainbow Patrol closing off the event at 10 p.m. Admission is $30.

 The music begins at noon with Tyrants of Chaos

The Moon Runners playing the Owl Acoustic lounge, Sept. 2. They will be at Frankenfest 2 tonight (Sept. 3). Photo by RichardAmery
Gates open at 9am
12 pm- Tyrants of Chaos
1 p.m- Obsidian Soul
2 p.m- Decadent Phase
3 p.m- Dead Army
4 p.m- 138
5 p.m- Plaid Ramblers
6 p.m- The Wicked Grins
7 p.m- Switched Off
8 p.m- fawns
9 p.m- The Moon Runners
10 p.m- Rainbow Patrol
11p.m- DJ - DA Dallas 

—By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

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