Couleefest back with Lemon Cash and college fun


 Couleefest was almost over by the time I arrived, Sept. 17.


Lemon Cash’s Cory Papineau playing Couleefest, Sept. 17. Photo by Rochard Amery

Everything was outside this year. The food truck caravan was in the parking lot as well as most of the displays, which had pretty much closed by the time I arrived.


 i was just in time for Ontario country band Lemon Cash, whose name, frontman Cory Papineau said was  inspired by the Lemonade stand he and his brother Jeff ( playing drums) had a s kids and put all the cash they made into buying more lemons.


 They started out  with more of a Shooter Jennings feel.


But they played a an array of covers ranging from ’90s county like “Dust on the Bottle,” ’80s pop like a countrified cover of Michael Jackson’s “ Black or White,” and more modern pop like “Watermelon Sugar.”


 Interspersed in between the covers were a few mid-tempo, contemporary country style originals.


 They picked up the tempo a little for an excellent original called “Stepping Stone.”

—  By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

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