The Pack A.D’s last Lethbridge show “fun while it lasted”


The Pack came back, presumably for the last time to the Slice, Sept. 28.


The Pack A.D. playing the Slice, Sept.28. Photo by Richard Amery

Vancouver punk/ blues duo the Pack A.D. stopped by  Lethbridge in the midst of their last van tour, in support of their last album “ It Was Fun While it Lasted.” And while we’ll see if this show was in fact the last time in Lethbridge, they killed it in every way, capping off a close to 20 year career slugging it out on the road since releasing their debut CD in 2007.


 They released their last album “ It Was Fun While it Lasted” in 2020, right before the pandemic, but were unable to tour in support of it.


So drummer Maya Miller and guitarist/ vocalist Becky Black are doing it now.


I missed opening acts Mom Bod and surprise late addition Fawns, replacing Hell Diablo, who couldn’t perform owing to illness.


 It has been a while since the Pack played Lethbridge and I forgot how solid they are. Becky Black’s vocals  have improved by leaps and bounds. Maya Miller’s drumming was relentless, allowing Black to lay down rock solid riffs and even the occasional solo. Black howled the lyrics in her huge , ragged, yet melodic voice.


 As expected, they focused on  “ It Was Fun While it Lasted,” but wound up an all too brief set with  songs from their older albums.


 There were  some gang vocals and riffs ranging from blues, some straight ahead punk and veered into sludgy Black Sabbath influenced stoner rock and desert rock.

“Teenage Crime ” from  their 2016 CD “Positive Thinking” was an early highlight.


  “ Animal” from “ Do Not Engage” was a highlight which wound down their show.


 While Becky Black switched guitars, Maya Miller introduced crowd favourite “Woke up Weird” from  2017 ’s “Dollhouse” as  “one of the two slow songs we do.”


 “Cobra Matte” from “ 2010’s “ We Kill Computers was another crowd favourite


They ended their set with “ Yes, I Know” from “Positive Thinking.”


But they were called back for an encore of the apt “ Give Up” from “ it was Fun While it Lasted.”


 Fawns return to the Slice Stage next Wednesday with Vancouver’s “Strange Breed, Wednesday, Oct. 5.

 If you missed them, The Pack AD are playing Dickens Pub in Calgary, Sept. 30.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

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