The Pack A.D. came back to rock the Turncoats


The Pack A.D. came back to Lethbridge, Friday, Sept. 10.

The Pack A.D. won over new fans at the Slice, Sept, 10. Photo by Richard Amery

 In an odd billing that seemed to work, the Vancouver blues-punk duo opened for local alt-country stalwarts, The Turncoats, to perform for a full house.


 Some of the Turncoats fans in the audiences were amazed by the raw power and leather lunged vocals of Pack A.D. guitarist Becky Black and by Maya Miller’s thunderous drumming, but didn’t do much except stare in awe, until Miller cajoled them to get out of their seats.


They had the audience properly warmed up midway through their set and a few more people jumping around in front of the stage by the end, which ended with Black’s tortured blues slide guitar playing and gut/ throat wrenching howls.


The Turncoats’ Andrew Scott gets into the music. Photo by Richard Amery

They played a variety of familiar songs from their latest CD “We Kill Computers” including “B.C. is on Fire,” as well as the new singles “Deer” and ”Crazy.”


The Turncoats had the crowd from their first twanging country-rock note.

Bassist Paul Holden and drummer Kyle Harmon locked in and proved to be one of the tightest rhythm sections in town providing a perfect bed for some hot country fried guitar licks and a surprisingly ’60s feel as Andrew Scott belted out the band’s tunes.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

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