Manvils to premiere new music in Lethbridge

Jay Koenderman, Greg Buhr and Mikey Manville, aka  Vancouver based punk/ power-pop band the Manvils play Lethbridge so often, they should be considered honourary Lethbridgians.

The Manvils return  to lethbridge on Sunday. Photo by Richard Amery However they are looking forward to returning this Sunday to the Slice, Sept. 26 to play a gig with Miesha and the Spanks.
They are adjusting well to life as a three piece.

“We’ve been playing as a three piece since last August. There was a bit of uncertainty at first, but you also have to listen to what people are telling you at the shows. And it is a lot more streamlined now,” said vocalist/ guitarist Mikey Manville, just returning home  from Chicago where he was visiting family and working on  both solo demos and demos  for the Manvils’ next CD.

“We’ve written about a quarter of our new record. After the tour, for the next five or six months, we’ll have our noses to the grindstone writing and recording.”

They have been concentrating on writing as a threesome, which means the band is looking forward to introducing three new songs to Lethbridge, “Black Tornado,” “Hot Volcano-like” and “Castaway,” which he hopes will be on the band’s next CD , which they will put out next year hopefully with Limblifter and Age of Electic’s Ryan Dahle producing again. 

“We love that man and we love his perfectionist ears. Things change, but he’s first on the list. I got a call from him in Chicago asking “Hey Mikey, how’s the writing going?” I didn’t answer it because I was in  Chicago because of long distance charges but I got the message. So he’s getting antsy to work with us again. We’re comfortable working with him,” Manville enthused adding he is excited about performing new songs on this tour.


“Oh man, how do I describe them without giving everything away? They’re  more punky-blues and more fun. And we’re following through on the lessons we learned from the last album. They’re more concise and under three minutes long,” he said adding this will be the last time the Manvils will be in Lethbridge until March as they are going to take the winter off after this two week tour of B.C. And Alberta  (which also includes stops in Medicine Hat and Jay Koenderman’s home town of Bow Island) to write and record the new CD.

“They only have one bar in thew town and everyone goes to it. We haven’t played there in about three years,” Manville enthused.
“This is like our fifth or sixth time playing Lethbridge in a year. Usually it’s a weekend and it’s great, the crowds keep getting bigger, so we’ll see how it is on a Sunday,” Manville continued.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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