The Debaters to discuss Alberta and Christmas in Lethbridge


Three Canadian comedians debate the most important issues of the day—  ‘Is Alberta The Greatest Province in the Country’ and ‘Which is Better? Fake Christmas Trees or real Christmas Trees.’Steve Patterson hosts the Debaters in Lethbridge this week. Photo submitted
 As comedian Scott Patterson brings The Debaters to the Enmax Centre, Nov. 24.

 Patterson, host of the popular CBC radio show, the Debaters will be joined by Albertan raised comedians and actors Howie Miller and Ryan Belleville.
Patterson noted the tour includes comedians from the provinces they are touring in to ensure the show is tailored to the audience.

“One of our comedians is an Albertan, and the other is from Calgary, but moved to Toronto,” said Patterson, from “lovely Trail B.C.” He has worked with the comedians many times before.
 Patterson noted each comedian performs an individual stand-up comedy set, then will engage in the two debates.

“They get a month to prepare for the debate. Even I don’t get to see what they came up with until the show so I can have a genuine reaction,” Patterson said, adding the live performance runs  the same way and ends up being an extended version of the broadcast, though this show won’t be broadcasted.

“Comedy isn’t like  music in that people don’t tune in to hear their favourite jokes.  So every show is a really unique experience,” he said, noting  there are only three Alberta dates— Red Deer,  and Banff in addition to Lethbridge.

“So we‘ll probably do the ‘Is Alberta the best province’ debate at all of them and we might  do the Christmas Trees debate,” he said.

“The Debaters is like a political debate if the politicians were funny,” he quipped, adding, like the radio show, the audience gets to vote for the best debater by their applause.
“You get three different comedians and these comedians are also very good actors,” he continued.

Ryan Belleville has starred in “Workin’ Moms,” CTV’s “Satisfaction” and FOX’s “Life on a Stick” He is also the co creator of the TV show “Almost Heroes,” as well as  performed at the Just for Laughs Festival, CBC’s Halifax Comedy Festival and The Winnipeg Comedy Festival as well as  Comedy Now, to name a few.

Edmonton based First Nations comedian Howie Miller has also had many TV appearances and has been nominated for a Gemini Award for his show “Caution: May Contain Nuts.”
“ You’ll get to know everyone very well by the end,” he said.

Patterson has been working with the Debaters for the past 10 years.

“I’ve been hosting the Debaters since 2007 and someone else was the host before that,” he said, adding he enjoys the camaraderie of the tour.

“I’ve done stand up comedy and you spend a lot of  time alone. Thos tour is like being in a band. And  the Bare Naked Ladies are playing the same venues as us on this tour, so I’ve got to meet them and see their show,” he said.
 Tickets for the Debaters are $59.50 or $87.50 with a buffet. The show begins at 7:30 p.m. at the Enmax Centre.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor