Theatre Outré involving audience in Confessional


Theatre Outré is going one on one with  their audience for their new production “Confessional,” happening Oct. 2-11.

Anastasia Siceac, Mia van Leeuwen, Deonie Hudson and Lee Burckes perform Confessional, Oct. 2-11. Photo by Richard Amery
“ We’ve turned  Didi’s Playhaus into a funhouse of the subconscious. It’s half art, half play, ” said co director Kathy Zaborsky, being a little cagey on the actual details of the show, noting  it explores the seven deadly sins, but not wanting to spoil it and further.

Confessional includes elements of movement, choreography, improv, video and ASMR.

“There’s a lot of performance art,” added co-director Jay Whitehead, noting the immersive show is slightly different for each audience members, as they have the option of filling out a “fun” questionnaire, so the performers Anastasia Siceac, Mia van Leeuwen, Deonie Hudson and Lee Burckes can tailor the show to each individual.

The performers created the show together with Zaborsky and Whitehead.

 The show will take place in half hour intervals beginning at 7 p.m. each night for one or two people from the same cohort.


“ We’ve been looking forward to an opportunity to do a more personal performance and Covid  gave us the the perfect excuse to do it,” Whitehead said.

Zaborsky noted she was inspired by the  interactive New York production “Sleep No More”  during which the audience would follow characters through different  rooms of the McKittrick theatre, as the show progressed.

 Part of the fun and to comply with Covid-19 safety guidelines, is all participants will be masked and protected by sheets of plexiglass.
Confessional runs at Didi’s Playhaus beginning at 7 p.m. from Oct. 2-11. Tickets cost $20.

Though it doesn’t begin until Oct. 2, tickets are already going fast. you can get them through the Theatre Outré website

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor