Angel Forrest shows off huge voice on Mother Tongue Blues


Montreal blues singer Angel Forrest brings back the spirit of Janis Joplin and combines it with a variety of modern influences on her new CD Mother Tongue Blues.Click here to hear Angel Forrest
 She starts on a slower note with ‘How Do You Do’, which shows off her whiskey and smoke soaked, jazz tinged vocals to the forefront.

 Her husky voice reflects the likes of Rita Chiarelli and the 54th Street Wailers Lindsey  beaver as well as a touch of classic rock along the lines of the Headpins’ Darby Mills.

 She has a crack band behind her who supply steadfast and sultry slide guitar on the first track.
 The  title track is a juke joint delta blues raver which allows her the show off her range.
 They plug in and turn it up for the slower ‘Blue Firegirl’ which has a mid ’70s classic rock feel with just a touch of the Beatles if they sang the blues.

She leans more towards Bonnie Raitt with a touch of Grace Potter on another slower track ‘Morning Star.’ another one of the highlights is when they turn it up and cut loose on‘Roll On Down’ which features some more sick, slick slide guitar and Forrest’s gutsy voice.

While she has a great jazzy croon, it is best when she cuts loose.
 She hits her stride by the middle of the CD.
‘Livin’ it Up’ is a catchy, slide guitar driven party anthem.
 They go acoustic, but keep the energy levels up with  ‘WTF’ which also combines an electric solo and a sizzling harp solo from Steve Marriner as well.

 She really slows things down with a tender, organ based ballad ‘Listen’ which also has a mellow ’70s feel combining organ with gentle arpeggios on guitar.

 The organ comes to the fore on the funky ‘I Got You.’
 She ends her CD  with ‘Someone,’ a slower, more acoustic almost southern rock flavoured blues number, which brings you back to the beginning of the CD.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
CD: Mother Tongue Blues
Artist: Angel Forrest
Genre: blues