New music from Paul Kype and Texas Flood is a long time comin’


The long awaited CD from Paul Kype and Texas Flood  is truly a “long time comin’.”
 After a tasteful intro which only gives a taste of Kype’s talent on guitar, the cd starts with a roots rock cover of AC DC's “Bad Boy Boogie” — one of several  cool covers including blues standard “ Walking By Myself” and “ You Don’t Love Me.”Click here to hear Paul Kype and texas Flood

Though there are several subtle guitar solos, the CD is not really about the guitar solo as I would have expected from Kype who is a pretty phenomenal guitar picker, but about the songs.

There are many upbeat, catchy originals which show off Kype’s vocals and steady rhythm.
 He has a talented band backing him on CD — the same band who play with him live.Greg Gomola adds extra guitar throughout.

 Earl McAuly‘s keyboards are a highlight throughout the CD especially on  the honky  the barrelhouse boogie “ Hair All Tangled,” which also features some nice slide guitar. The keyboards are usually pretty subtle , though come to the fore on tracks like their cover of “Hair All Tangled”  but help drive the songs. The tender, slower blues “I Can Only Love You” is a highlight.

Kype is at his finest when he picks up the tempo on tracks like “Baby You Ain’t The One, Heed the Call” and Rattle My Chains, to name a few.
He  explores his county side on slower songs like “ Cowgirl,” which feature Ryan “Skinny ” Dyck on steel guitar.
 Craig Erdman and Tyson Maiko both share bass duties a while Jerry Adolph and Brady Valgardson share drum duties.
 there are a lot of highlights including “Heed the Call” and “Rattle My Chains,” which has a catchy , bluesy groove.
They end with a rollicking version of blues classic “Walking By Myself.”

— By Richard Amery, L.A. beat Editor
CD: Long Time Comin’
Band: Paul Kype and Texas Flood
Genre: blues/rock