Jerry Leger spins yarns about the beaten down and downtrodden


Toronto songwriter Jerry Leger and his fabulous band the Situation’s new CD “Early Riser” is an excellent slice of alternative country music and folk, with just a touch of the blues.

 Click Here to hear Jerry LegerHis weather and road wearied, raspy voice sounds a well worn and beaten down as the characters in his songs.

He sounds very similar to Americana star Rodney Crowell, right from the first track  “Factory Made”  which has a beautiful fiddle solo and carries that feel through to  one of my favourites “Cashing In” which is marked by mournful steel guitar.

His voice is immediately appealing as he tells stories of the broken down and beaten.

 “ Pretty Girl In and Ugly  World” is  an uptempo rocker that reflects this quite well.
“ Got Myself a Thinking is another uptempo rocker.”

James Mckie plays some fine fiddle throughout and a beautiful guitar solo on  the blues tinged “No Woman’s Man.”

 On the other hand, “To Let Me Go” has a ’60s pop feel.
There are a couple of really bluesy tracks including  “Bad Ole Dog.”  
Women going through tough times is  prevalent theme of a lot of the songs as he shows his laid back folky side on the sad “Nobody’s Angel”  and “Bad Penny.”

— by Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
CD: Early Riser
Artist: Jerry Leger
Genres: Alternative country