Karen Romanchuk shows her blues side on Down The Line


Lethbridge roots/ country singer songwriter Karen Romanchuk takes a more upbeat and almost bluesy journey on her EP “Down The Line.” featuring six solid new songs.Click Here to hear Karen Romanchuk

 She has her full band  playing on the CD, which she recorded in Leeroy Stagger’s Rebeltone Ranch.
 She has an excellent band behind her including Jason Eveleigh, who plays some sweet guitar solos.
 As always Romanchuk’s voice has a straight forward an honest, gritty Lucinda Williams style timbre to it with just a touch of weather worn anger.

 She tells stories a with a lot of emotion like on “See Ya Later.”

 “ I Can” has a rock solid bass groove laid down by  bassist Alex Thomson and Romanchuk’s husband Darwin on drums
 Everything comes together perfectly on the rockabillyish title track “Down The Line.”

It has an addictive groove to it and some country bluesish slide guitar.
 She ends her EP with a mournful acoustic break up number “Anymore.”
 The band joins midway through the song and Eveleigh plays a beautiful outro guitar solo.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
 CD: Down The Line
Artist: karen Romanchuk
Genre: country/ roots/ folk