Romanchuk’s new CD Shines

Lethbridge country/folk musician Karen Romanchuk is starting to make some waves.
 In addition to receiving honourable mention  at the South Country Fair Songwriting competition this year, she is also a finalist in the Calgary Folk Festival songwriting competition.
 Her new CD has six songs showcasing her vibrant, road wearied voice which really “Shines.”
 There is a bit of a mournful quality to it, but it makes the listener want to keep listening especially  on story songs  like “Jessie.”
It has a very professional, polished Nashville sound to it.
 James Oldenburg provides some tasteful country leads especially on “Walk Away.”  Romanchuk‘s husband Darwin lays down the backbeat and David Popovitch‘s bass is perfectly understated, showcasing Romanchuk‘s voice and songwriting skills.
A couple of them really shine through. “Hold Me” is a tender up tempo song. “Jessie” is moving story about a girl with unfulfilled dreams.
The title track has an Indigo Girls feel to it.
 It’s good stuff. And these aren‘t even her best songs. Every time she plays live, she has a batch of excellent new songs to show.
Artist: Karen Romanchuk
CD: Shine
Genre: Country/Folk