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L.A. Beat


The Secretaries with the Re-Mains
Fri, Jul 3
Old Firehall - Lethbridge


 The Secretaries are an Edmonton based garage-pop band who enjoy 70s Heart, tequila, all night record listening/living room dance parties, Olivia Newton John, Thin Lizzy, The Darkness, AC/DC, feathers, art nouveau, puppies, sparkly jewelry, masks, wicked moves, the forest, Deep Purple, The Clash, The Sonics, BILLY JOEL/GLASS HOUSES, Neil Young, dark places, did we mention tequila?  and

 The Re-Mains are an Australian rock band  coming to Lethbridge via the Sled Island Music Festival.

Country rock’n'roll begins in the accelerator. Press it down moderately hard as you motor across the Great Dividing Range. Ease off as you plummet towards Uralla, or in the other direction, gallop by Bolivia, mindful of the kangaroos arrayed in ranks, saluting ere they make the mad dash to glory.

Head out west, to Nymagee and beyond. The ghost of a shearer, white-eyed, will join you in the passenger seat. Nod hello, and keep driving, to the coalface.

At the coalface of country rock’n'roll it is frequently dusty, dry and hard work. Beware of burrs in the boxer shorts, dirt in the engines, dust in the amps. You may take the stage uncertain why the endless miles, the untold broken strings.

But take a break, have a sandwich, sleep it off. Steer your motor to the City Tavern in Peel Street, Tamworth. Have Mark Savic’s son pour you a beer. Sit back and regale yourself with the careening, shambolic strains of country rock’n'roll. Johnny Cash. Jon Spencer. Johnny Green. Bob Dylan. Ragadoll. The Australian Beefweek Show. Tonchi. The Re-mains. Identify. Taste the stench of cordite and ozone. Drink of the fluids amber, pale, spirituous and sweet emanating from the bar. Breathe deep. That’s the sweat of country rock’n'roll. 

Mick Daley – Frontman and chief bard, Mick’s big hands work tirelessly to shorten the life of a pair of battered Maton acoustic guitars. He sings, he shouts and he cajoles crowds with the creed of CR&R in his own words and more than a few chords. He loves Holden cars and wont say the word “die” about the coalface or his car.Grant Bedford (AK Shifty - Drums and Singin’) – Since leaving the Land of the Long White Cloud with hellhounds on his trail, Grunter has drummed for a host of fellow antipodeans including the Toe Sucking Cowgirls, the Railroaders, The Red Hot Poker Dots, The Thoughtful Hussars, The Pudding Thieves, Big Souk and too many more to mention.


Tom Jones (AKA Mumbles - Electric and Upright Bass ) – Tom had been plying his trade with Jimmy Willing and his Real Gone Hickups when the yearn for the road bit him proper. There was only once choice - head to camp CR&R.  His bass grooves and grinds are set to become the new bottom line of coalface country rock and roll.

Phil Daniel (AKA Dr. D’wayne Daniel / Punchy - Banjo and Hammond) – Since the departure of Uncle Burnin’ Love, the Re-mains have never ceased to be amazed how another banjoist came their way. His bluegrass roots were given the requisite CR&R treatment and voila - Dr. D’wayne Daniel was born. His resemblance to a certain Allman Brother not withstanding, Phil continues to lash the Re-mains with the country rock and roll-authenticated twang. On top of that, he also tickles the plastics of a Mac-simulated Hammond Organ for extra rock and soul.

Not pictured - Dave Ramsey (AKA Marty - guitar) Another graduate of the Jimmy Willing Finishing School, Dave only played four shows with the band before the ill-fated Ghan Out West winter 07 tour ended near Tennant Creek with a bang. While lying in a delerium of pain with a thrice-busted hip Dave actually thanked Mick for bringing him out to the beautiful Territory, and despite the indelible memory of a cow hitting the van like an Exocet missile, we’re sure his strength of character will see him back on deck as soon as he can walk again.

Hear them at 


Old FirehallMap
Old Firehall   -   Website
402 2 Ave South
Country: ca


402 - 2 Avenue South, Lethbridge, Alberta

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