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Phantom Creeps, Dreadnaughts, Smokestack Jacks
Fri, Dec 4
The Slice - Lethbridge


Time: 9:30


The Phantom Creeps are a Lethbridge psychobilly/punk trio,,

The Phantom Creeps are just three guys who just happen to meet up at the right time and place. Their journey began at a place called The Crossroads....some of you may have heard of this fabled spot, as it has been mentioned quite often in musical history - it is the place where many a young musician has gone to sell his or her soul to the Devil for a chance at infamy. It was at this place where these fine young lads, now collectively known as The Phantom Creeps, met. They were all there to sell their souls to the Devil, for Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll...or so the story goes........and having these common interests & goals, decided to form the aformentioned band and invite Rock & Roll history to take place in the form of a sound to be known as Hellbilly Rock & Roll! So all you who have a heart and soul invested in Rock & Roll, come on in and ride with us down Route 666!!!!!!

The Phantom Creeps are:

Tyler 'Diablo' Brownfield - Vox & Upright Bass

'Dirti' Dean Wilson - Drums & Backing Vox

Johnny 'Void' Vornbrock - Guitar & Backing Vox

Dreadnoughts and  are Vancouver’s biggest, baddest Celtic punk band

 The Dreadnoughts are Vancouver's biggest, baddest, drunkest, punkest celtic band. One part roaring sea shanty, one part haunting Irish melody, and a solid chaser of gut-crunching street punk.

The Dreadnoughts: One part roaring sea shanty, one part haunting Irish melody, and a solid chaser of gut-crunching street punk. This ragtag group of drunken misfits stays true to the ancient ballads and bawlers that once drove sailors around the world, all the while smashing out modern punk with a fury and intensity that is unmatched in their home city of Vancouver, BC.

Formed in 2006 over pints of cheap beer at East Vancouver’s notoriously violent Ivanhoe Hotel, the Dreadnoughts cut their teeth in the roughest dive bars in the city. They started by opening for (and earning the praise of) celtic-punk grandfathers The Real MacKenzies, and since then have never looked back. Hauling a fiddle, an accordion, a mandolin, a tin whistle, guitars and drums into every venue that would have them, they quickly became known for their powerful, chaotic live performances. In three short years they have slowly but surely joined the ranks of Vancouver’s punk rock heroes.

Their new album, "Victory Square", represents The Dreadnoughts as they mature into a truly powerful and original band. 

SmokeStack Jacks 

SmokeStack Jacks are Dave Bullied and Geoff Mcdonald. The band started in October 2008 and debuted live in March 2009. Self descirbed as grizzly basement blues punk, SmokeStack Jacks make one hell of a noise for a guitar and drum duo. Heavy slide guitar riffs over driving rock beats will make you stomp your feet and say yeah!



The SliceMap
The Slice   -   Website
314 - 8th Street South
T1J 2J6
Country: ca



Not only do we have the best pizza in town, we are also the center of Lethbridge's NightLife.

We are the only bar in town featuring live music every day of the week. Canadian touring artists, local legends and new emerging artists, everyone stops here.

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