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"The Answers are in the Mysteries" Scopes for the week of Dec. 3 to Dec. 10, 2012

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If you know your astrology and are aware of your Sun Sign, your Moon Sign and your Rising Sign, also called the Ascendant, please read the Scopes for the Signs of all three; The Moon being especially important for those born in the evening or at night, likewise the Sun for those of you born at dawn or during the day.
For questions about how to determine your Sun, Moon or Rising sign, Tarot readings or for private private consultations, questions or comments on accuracy, e-mail me, Iris E.: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

March 21-23 to April 20-23

You have been feeling, and will continue to feel, a little wired with electric jolts of unpredictability knocking at your door and running away again. There's a hell of a lot of planets in Scorpio right now — the sign that shares rulership with the planet Mars. This lends to your intuitive faculties which at this time, are so sharp that most are unaware of what's going on, though they're watching you control the scene like an affirmative action-hero. People see this and reward it.

April 21-23 to May 20- 23
You'll find yourself a little extra-inclined toward indulgences of all kinds in the next week; Verbally, socially, substance-tially, emotionally even. Make an effort to curb this through engaging seriously with your intuitive conscience. Listen to that little voice. No, not the fiddle playing Scorpion, but the chirping cricket, beckoning you to stand still and sway.

May 21-23 to June 20-23

A tuning into your inner ear will seem evident this coming week, as things fall into place and you felt that you were able to prepare for it, by seeing it coming. When we know where we have been, we know something about the direction of where we are going. Of course, this takes conscious action to incorporate, but at the moment, you have abundant energy on your side. Social situations are rejuvenating though you are more flighty than you may realize as Pluto's not on your side.


June 21-23 to July 20-23

I surmise this week might be a tough one for a lot of Cancerian folks. Challenges offer us opportunity to deal with more bullshit than we care to, but you are a Cancer after all, so perhaps you're used to it. You'll likely want to be places that you aren't, see people that you can't and do things that you know well you ought not to, or simply find yourself completely unable.

July 21-23 to Aug. 20-23

The Sun is in Sagittarius and as your sign is ruled by the Sun itself, whatever sign Sol finds itself in, you are usually profoundly affected by it. In this instance, an inclination toward the finer ruminations (and perhaps rums) in life will be duly entertained by your psyche; However, there is a flip side. Jupiter, Sagg's ruling Dude, is retrograde in Gemini. I'll leave that to you to figure out.

Aug. 21-24 to Sept. 21-23

Like other signs, Mercury runs its caduceus over your body for a sort of yearly physical as you attempt to assess your mental, emotional, physical well-being. The only issue, and it's a big issue for analytical Virgos, is that your intuitive faculties are getting the squeeze at the moment. Use your rationalizing capabilities as much as possible in assessing how you chose to chose your own adventure. And heads up: A sharp tongue needs no knife for cutting.

Sept. 21- 23 to Oct. 21-23

Still feeling saucy, randy, flirty and sexy as all get go, you've been strutting your stuff like nobody's business in the name of healthy living. This doesn't mean you aren't enjoying a steak or a croissant but all things in more moderation. Sometimes our mental health enjoys getting drunk, although it isn't 'healthy', per se. You're intuitively seeing that big picture much more clearly now, feeling stable, as you invite more friends into your life than you have in quite a while. Happy ho ho. Just try not to be too self-concerned in social settings.

Oct. 21-23 to Nov. 21-23

It has been a very social time of re-engaging, re-energizing and coming out of any hermit hole that you may have dug for yourself and you have been seeing the benefits of human interaction, although charming as you may be, you enjoy solitude more than most. You find yourself ruminating, attempting to crunch the big philosophical chagrins of your life, and keeping your elbows greased.. If you're not, uhm... You probably should. Elbows like grease.

Nov. 20-23 to Dec. 20-23

The Sun in your sign just went into opposition with Jupiter which means that most who share your sign who relate strongly to the Sagittarian nature, will be noticing a lack of concurrent growth despite time in invested in people or projects. This is a week for plugging away, without expectations of gargantuan improvement. Communication is on your side so regardless of the frost, plant your seeds.

Dec. 20-23 to Jan. 18-21

Still feeling slightly hot-headed, though inwardly focused in a thoroughly satisfying way, you also find yourself easing up on your hard-nosed approach to others who don't meet your standards as Christmas approaches. This is a truly great thing. Feelings of intensity will be speaking their messages directly to your heart, with advice on how to keep it safe, provided you heed the call, and trust yourself.


Jan. 18-21 to Feb. 18- 21
You're still having trouble seeing perspectives outside of your own, in given circumstances. It's not that you don't want to, just that you find it extremely difficult right now. You're focused inward. Next week, the culmination of all the thoughts and troubles this had caused for you internally, will be turned inside out, where you find yourself suddenly flooded with comprehension of what you need to do. This week is about the necessary lessons that will bring you to this revelation.

Feb. 18- 21 to March 18- 21

You can anticipate oncoming communication traffic jams if you prepare for a fortnight from now, onward well before two weeks time arrives. Meanwhile, Neptune is still in your sign, so your intuition will be working for you, and not against you. This is why now is a great time to plan a schedule with your psychic abilities. Get your ducks in a row. Quack, quack!

For questions about how to determine your Sun, Moon or Rising sign, Tarot readings or for private private consultations, questions or comments on accuracy, e-mail me, Iris E.: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
—   by Iris E. (Becky Johnston) special to L.A. Beat.


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