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Southern Alberta talent helps out Cheeky Pig Studio Grant

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Outdoor festivals can be fun, even with ominous storm clouds moving in as they were, Sunday, Aug. 7 in the parking lot behind the Owl Acoustic Lounge, where the latest fundraiser for the Cheeky Pig Studio grant was taking place.

Several Southern Alberta bands including BiloThe Spacewolves Donovan Howell singing for the Cheeky Pig grant. Photo by Richard Ameryxi Parish, Enslow and Sean Hamilton were playing. I stopped by briefly in the afternoon in time for a round of Cheeky Pig Porketta  bingo.

 By the time I returned, the last two bands had been moved indoors and just in time too as that was when the deluge began.
 So I caught most of an energetic and fun set from local hard rock band Outrun the Arrow.

 They played their usual strong set of grinding riffs, and Bridgette Yarwood’s powerful vocals. “ Crashing Down” was a highlight.

Bridgette and Richard Yarwood. Photo by Richard AmeryLocal punk band the Spacewolves finished the day with high energy punk and horror metal which began with a cover of a Misfits song about robbing graves.

“ We wanted to play outside but the forecast was for impending doom,” grinned frontman Donovan Howell who was finding himself having to watch his language because of the kids running around. He admirably covered up f-bombs while howling out the lyrics as the tight band kept time behind him.

They put their own stamp on a variety of covers as well.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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