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Michael Bernard Fitzgerald going back to the farm with Greenbriar tour in support of new Cd

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Michael Bernard Fitzgerald is going back to the farm on his unique new “ Greenbriar” tour, which officially kicks off in Lethbridge, Sept. 2.

 He will be playing shows across the country in a 20x40 foot tent, he dubbed the Greenbriar outside a variety of cities for audiences of 20 people, in cohorts of four to six.
“It’s a cool way to do it. I’ve played most Michael Bernard Fitzgerald is playing a farm tour in support of his new CD. Photo by Richard Ameryof the cities before, though I’ve never played Pincher Creek or Lloydminster before. It’s interesting to see these new places,” said Fitzgerald.

“We’ll be setting up the tent on open pieces of farmland. When people buy their tickets, they’ll get directions to a location 45 minutes from the city so they can plan ahead,” he said.

“I’ve written a lot of songs about my past, but this time, seeing as I’ll be singing these songs thousands of times, I thought I’d write about a vision I’d like to see,” said Fitzgerald, who grew up on a farm near Guelph with his mom before moving  to Calgary.

He earmarked 2019 to write new music with the result being “Love Valley,” a sparse album focusing on his whispery voice and tender guitar picking with subtle saxophone, kick drum, keyboards, Moog organ and ghostly harmonies sung by long standing collaborators Katie Stanton and Jessica Ritchie.“ I’ve spent so much time writing in Nashville, in studios, that I thought I’d write this album in my kitchen,” he said.
“ Usually I add a lot of different things and  take them out. This time, i wrote the songs and added the rest of the instruments where they are needed,” he said.

He has released two singles  from the CD — “Our River” in May and “ I Love that Sound” in July and will release two more , “I Love You” and “ Good Plates” before releasing the rest of the CD on Oct. 9.
“ I’ve been thinking a lot  about the life I want to live. There are a lot of references to farms on the album. It is something a lot of people find relatable,” he continued.

“This is the way I always wanted to play these songs  (in a tent) and, now, since Covid set in, I have to do it this way,” he said adding he is already booking follow up shows next year in the same communities.

He has been hard at work playing 52 shows since June in a smaller tent for audiences of five or six.
“ I’m already 52 shows deep. So it’s been a busy summer,” he said.

 “I’ve been touring since 2008. This is a fun way to do it. I get to see all of these beautiful places. And because they’re smaller shows, there’s more opportunity for conversation,” he continued, chuckling setting up the Greenbriar tent can be challlenging.

 Audiences have responded to the new music.
“ The response to ‘Our River’ is the best I’ve ever received,” he said.
 He noted he is planning ahead for next year and hopes to be able to play for bigger audiences again.
 Michael Bernard Fitzgerald brings the Greenbriar Tour to Lethbridge, Sept. 2 and Pincher Creek, Sept. 3.  Unfortunately they are both sold out. Though some are available for the Bragg Creek show, on Sept. 4. Tickets are currently available through

— by Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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